Build a seamless user wallet experience

Embed an identity wallet into an existing mobile or web application with Trinsic’s infrastructure.

identity wallets

Built to make the developer’s job easier

  • Accessible through our Wallet SDK — embed wallet capabilities into existing apps
  • Available on mobile, web, and IoT devices
  • Works online and offline
  • Updated with the latest security standards and features       
Store a credential in a wallet
					insert_response = await trinsic.wallet.insert_item(
        item_json=credential, item_type="VerifiableCredential"

Reimagined with user experience in mind

  • One-step user onboarding (no more scanning QR codes)
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Wallet recovery
  • Wallet portability
mobile or web identity wallets

Designed to be flexible

  • Customize the wallet to their use case instead of having to use a third-party wallet app
  • Choose a familiar authentication method for their users
    (e.g., email)
  • Add an increased amount of decentralization over time, if desired
  • Decide which parts of Trinsic’s infrastructure they need
    (e.g., you can create, send, and verify credentials using Trinsic while storing them in an edge wallet if you choose)
flexible identity wallets

Our wallet demo

In this web wallet demo, OkeyDoke is an e-commerce store that sells seeds for farmers. You’ll see how the user receives a credential, selectively shares information, and gains access to a customized experience on the OkeyDoke website based on their credentials. View all the demo code on Github.

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A leap forward for SSI Adoption

IDtech builders are reaching new frontiers when it comes to the type of identity products they build. In the old world, user data was stored within organizations’ servers. In the new world, users have full control over their data. Trinsic’s identity wallet infrastructure was built to help IDtech product builders meet users where they are and bring them into this new world one step at a time.

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Looking for the Trinsic Wallet?

Trinsic built the first-of-its-kind identity wallet—the Trinsic Wallet. The Trinsic Wallet is an example of what an SSI edge wallet could look like. It is meant for demos and proof-of-concepts and is currently compatible with our legacy v1 platform.

Trinsic Wallet credentials screen

Build the future of identity today