Identity Wallets

It's like a physical wallet, but digital.

Enable your customers to securely collect their credentials, certificates, and licenses all on their phone instead of a leather pouch in their pocket. Proving your identity or other traits just got a whole lot easier and safer.

Build digital wallets consumers will actually use

Don’t make your customers download a generic wallet app (let’s face it, they probably wouldn’t do it anyway). With Trinsic’s Wallet SDK, you can embed digital wallet capabilities into any web, mobile, desktop, or in-person experience. 

Available for any platform, in any language

Trinsic’s Wallet SDK supports all of the most common programming languages for easy integration into existing apps, saving your team time and development effort.


✅ Flutter  ✅ React-native  ✅ Xamarin  ✅ Javascript  ✅ Java  ✅ Python

Built for security & scalability

Trinsic’s unique hybrid cloud wallets come with an array of configurable solutions to ensure only the individual who owns the wallet can access it, recover it, and use it. Our wallets also have the flexibility to support online and offline operations.

Based on open standards

Wallet holders will be able to receive and send credentials with anyone who supports the same standards. We don’t just talk about interoperability – we were the first digital wallet to support the Aries Interoperability Profile. Read more about the standards we support in our documentation. Plus, personalize the whole experience with the white label wallet version.

The Trinsic Wallet

An application developed by Trinsic to showcase what a wallet can do. Download it now to try it out!

Free & supported for ever: You can count on the Trinsic Wallet to be stable for demos and proof-of-concepts.

No vendor lock-in: Don’t like our app anymore? No problem. You can move the credentials from your wallet into another one whenever you want.

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