FLEX Health – Revolutionizing the Healthcare Workforce with Verifiable Credentials

FLEX Health is a healthcare technology company on a mission to solve the complex staffing challenges faced by hospital systems. The company was founded by two industry experts, Tyler French has 10 years experience in hospital operations and process improvement in the staffing office, and Ron Wallmann who has 30 years experience in leading clinical teams and consulting with hospital leadership. Tyler and Ron live and breathe the problems with hospital staffing every day and saw an opportunity to improve it with technology. 

The Challenge: Fragmented and Inefficient Workforce Management

Staffing a healthcare facility requires effective modeling, planning, demand forecasting, sourcing talent, onboarding new staff and scheduling shifts. Typically each of these functions are performed by different systems that don’t communicate with each other. On top of that, onboarding new staff members to meet unexpected demand takes significant time or has a significant cost when outsourced to a staffing agency. Getting the most qualified professionals in the door is a critical priority for patient safety, but the current processes for managing a healthcare workforce make it a constant challenge for most health systems.


The Solution: FLEX Health's Comprehensive Approach

FLEX Health plans to address each of these problems with a clinical workforce platform for healthcare facilities, and a robust professional identity wallet for healthcare professionals. The clinical workforce platform will tackle the challenges of planning, forecasting, sourcing, and scheduling, allowing hospitals to run more efficiently. For medical professionals, FLEX Health offers a digital wallet solution where they can keep their verified work history, professional certifications, licenses, background checks, continuing education credits, and more. The wallet-based approach will eliminate the need for repetitive verification processes for professionals moving between hospitals.


The Ecosystem: Healthcare Facilities + Clinical Professionals

FLEX Health uses Trinsic, a reusable identity platform, to bring together a trusted ecosystem of stakeholders involved in exchanging credentials. Processes that were historically paper-based can now be streamlined by using digital credentials which are cryptographically signed, and stored securely in wallets that can only be accessed by the owner of the wallet. FLEX Health has integrated authoritative data sources so that medical professionals can create a profile like the image shown below. Once the profile has been created once, the verifiable credentials can be shared with agencies and facilities who verify the data and can offer a streamlined onboarding experience.

"By using DIDs and VCs for the wallet it allows both sides of the market to access a verifiable work history, fundamentally overhauling the onboarding process for healthcare professionals."
Tyler French
Co-founder, FLEX Health
The Flex Health ecosystem for healthcare organizations and healthcare workers

The Future: Transforming Healthcare Staffing

FLEX Health officially launched the FLEX Professional ID Wallet app in the iOS and Android app stores in early 2024. They are looking for medical professionals to be early adopters in using the wallet to prove out the value of having your verified work history in one place. At the same time, FLEX Health will be working with healthcare facilities to roll out their workforce management platform and help improve their operations. For more information and to get in touch with the FLEX Health team, visit their website.

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