Build great reusable ID products using Trinsic's platform

Trinsic’s dashboard, SDKs, and documentation provide the tools you need to bring reusable identity products to life.

Verifiable credentials

Enable the secure exchange of verifiable data through standardized, digital credentials.

Identity wallets

Create cloud-hosted identity wallets that preserve your end-user’s privacy without compromising on convenience.

Ecosystem tooling

Onboard your ecosystem participants without requiring them to do any setup or integrations themselves. Easily control who can issue and very credentials within your ecosystem.

Verifiable credentials

Empower users with digital, verifiable credentials

Make is easier and safer for people and organizations to share information with one another.

Verifiers in your ecosystem can instantly verify the source, integrity, validity, and ownership of a verifiable credential.

There’s no need to build countless API integrations between issuers and verifiers in your ecosystem. Instead, verifiable credentials allow information to be shared and verified across distinct contexts.

Verifiable credentials can be equipped with zero-knowledge proofs and selective disclosure, so users don’t overshare information and businesses only receive the data they need.

Safeguard businesses and users in your ecosystem from the potential liability of data breaches and fraud since verifiable credentials can be stored in the cloud or directly with the user.

Identity wallets

White label or embed an identity wallet

Add your custom branding to our white label wallet, or use the wallet SDK to integrate into an existing mobile or web application. 

  • White label our wallet with the Trinsic Branded Studio
  • Embed wallet capabilities into existing apps through our Wallet SDK
  • Available on mobile, web, and IoT devices
  • Works online and offline
  • Updated with the latest security standards and features
  • Instant wallet creation and credential access (no more scanning QR codes)
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Wallet recovery
  • Wallet portability
  • Customize the wallet to your use case instead of having to use a third-party wallet app
  • Choose a familiar authentication method for your users (e.g., email, SMS, existing IDP)
  • Add an increased amount of decentralization over time, if desired
  • Decide which parts of Trinsic’s infrastructure you need (e.g., you can create, send, and verify credentials using Trinsic while storing them in an edge wallet if you choose)

Wallets documentation

Ecosystem tooling

Customize your ecosystem of issuers, holders and verifiers

Make is easier and safer for people and organizations to share information with one another.

The Trinsic Dashboard and SDK makes it simple to onboard into your ecosystem without a heavy lift on your or their end.

After you decide who are the participants in your ecosystem and what types of credentials can be shared, Trinsic makes it easy to program the rules into your product.

Make it easy for organizations to issue and verify credentials. We do everything we can to make integration a breeze.

Ecosystems documentation

Partner with a platform that is designed for your success

Trinsic’s goal is to help you get to market quickly, knowing you’re built on industry leading standards ready for millions of end users.

Ease of use

We obsess over making the Trinsic API as easy to use as possible and provide developers with robust documentation, tutorials, and dashboards to shorten the time to build.

Underlying technology

As the self-sovereign identity space grows, there is a proliferation of verifiable credential implementations, cryptographic suites, and DID methods. Our platform supports a wide range, allowing you to choose what is best for your use case rather than locking yourself in.

Commitment to open standards

By partnering with Trinsic, you are future-proofing your product to be interoperable with all other products that are based on the latest open standards for self-sovereign identity.

Technical performance

Trinsic has invested years of person-hours in making decentralized identity scalable and performant, so you don’t have to.

Build the future of identity