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Trinsic is the leading infrastructure for building decentralized identity products using digital wallets and verifiable credentials.

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Trinsic is an infrastructure partner for identity product builders. With Trinsic’s digital wallet and verifiable credential infrastructure, we make it easy to build decentralized identity products and platforms that empower users to take control of their identity, share their data safely, and more securely access the things they need.

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Everything an IDtech builder needs

Embed an identity wallet into your
existing application, or build an entire decentralized identity platform for a specific industry, vertical, or use case. Either way, Trinsic enables you to build and scale faster.

Identity wallet infrastructure

Build an amazing identity wallet both users and businesses will love that works online and offline or on mobile, web, and IoT devices.

Agnostic infrastructure

Trinsic aims to support all the “flavors” of SSI, verifiable credentials, blockchains, etc., unlocking interoperability for your product without any additional effort on your end.

Governance tools

Configure the rules for issuing and verifying credentials in your identity ecosystem, setting the stage for you to be able to implement a business model that makes sense for your use case.

Adoption tools

Trinsic provides out-of-the-box tools, like issuer and verifier dashboards, that will decrease your build time and increase the likelihood of your product’s success.

Developers love Trinsic

Building decentralized identity products shouldn’t be complicated. Trinsic’s API abstracts away the complexity and makes the build process clear and easy for developers.

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Join other innovators in building decentralized identity products.

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Go to market fast, scale even faster

When launching a product, time is of the essence. Save time, money, and resources by using Trinsic’s IDtech infrastructure rather than building your own.

Focus on your product, not the infrastructure

Let Trinsic handle the complexity of providing and maintaining your IDtech infrastructure, so you can spend time building products your customers love.

Secure a trusted partner

Trinsic was started by pioneers in the self-sovereign identity world. This space is new, and we place a heavy emphasis on working alongside our partners as they innovate. We only succeed when our partners succeed. We care about nothing more than you crushing it!

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IDtech is changing the world

Trinsic envisions a world where you’re always in control of your own data, and everything you’re eligible for or entitled to is one tap-of-the-phone away. IDtech makes this “one tap future” possible. Based on open standards and cutting-edge tech like W3C verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers (DIDs), blockchain, and other decentralized technologies, Trinsic is powering IDtech products that make the world more accessible.

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