Connect users to verifications they've already done

Reduce friction and fraud in your onboarding flow by tapping into a global network of verified, digital identities.

Configuring the Trinsic Dashboard, user presenting their reusable ID credential and being allowed to onboard to a new platform

One-click identity verification

Trinsic Connect is a reusable identity verification solution powered by verifiable credentials, digital wallets, and passkeys. Applications can now instantly verify and onboard new users through Trinsic’s reusable identity network.

Trinsic's platform for verifying users

Trinsic handles the complexity verifying and accepting reusable ID credentials saving teams countless hours of engineering time required to build and maintain integrations. 

Privacy preserving

Using zero knowledge proofs, users can prove things about themselves without oversharing their personal data. 

Passkey encryption

Simplify the user experience with a password-less authentication that also encrypts user data for maximum security. 

Network of partners

We work with document verification, biometrics and eID schemes to originate trusted data.

Verify users in seconds

Pre-verified users speed through onboarding helping you acquire more customers at a lower cost. 

Embeds in existing workflows

Build a reusable identity acceptance into your existing offering without added friction.

80+ reusable ID schemes

Accept dozens of eID schemes without needing to integrate new providers one by one.

Featured companies using Trinsic

Hundreds of thousands of users already have wallets powered by Trinsic and dozens of applications trust our platform to facilitate their user onboarding journeys.

Dentity, safety and trust online

Dentity uses Trinsic to power its decentralized identity and verifiable credential platform.

ZADA, digital trust in healthcare

ZADA uses Trinsic to enable people in Myanmar to have a digital COVID-19 vaccination card that can be shared and verified instantly.

Yoma, digital education credentials

Using Trinsic’s API, Yoma has empowered African youth with the ability to create a verifiable digital CV to access better employment opportunities.

Developers love building on Trinsic

Integrating an identity verification product shouldn’t be complicated. Trinsic’s API abstracts away the complexity and makes the build process clear and easy for developers.

Start building right away

Schedule a call with our team to get onboarded and start verifying identities the same day. 

Platform walkthrough

Learn how to verify new users in minutes with our reference applications.


Trinsic’s platform architecture allows you to choose when and where you use our services.

Join our community

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IDtech is changing the world

Trinsic envisions a more accessible future where you’re always in control of your own data, and everything you need is one tap-of-the-phone away. 

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