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for building identity products

Build the future of identity with Trinsic’s easy-to-use wallet SDK, ecosystem tools, and expert support

A trust ecosystem in a box


Infrastructure for sending verifiable data between digital identity wallets.


A “trust ecosystem in a box” that enables safe data sharing and instant authentication among participants in your ecosystem, network, or marketplace.


Easy-to-use dashboard for organizations in your ecosystem, white-labeled with your branding.

Identity Wallets

Embeddable into existing applications and easy for consumers to adopt, Trinsic’s wallet platform keeps data safe and accessible.

Spearhead the future of identity with infrastructure that supports your team's every need

The process of proving our identity is broken. It’s based on the archaic system of paper—a system that is faulty, cumbersome, and wildly vulnerable to theft. It’s time to bring identity up to date.


Individuals should own their identity and control how their data is shared, all from their device. The movement towards self-sovereign identity has begun and now is the time to help shape it.

Trinsic builds the infrastructure to enable your team to unlock the future of identity today.


Built for the global enterprise

The Trinsic platform supports dozens of enterprise ecosystems all around the world. No matter the industry or use case, Trinsic is built for enterprise-grade scalability and security.


Throughput in millions/sec


99.95% uptime SLA


No tech lock-in


Based on W3C standards

Developers love Trinsic

We obsess over making our APIs and SDKs as easy-to-use as possible, and provide robust documentation and tutorials that reportedly help developers build 4x faster with Trinsic compared to the next-best alternative.

| SDKs in the language of  your choice

See API Reference

| Documentation that has you issuing digital credentials in minutes

Begin 15-min Getting Started Guide

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Start issuing and verifying credentials in minutes!

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