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50 credential exchanges/month

Build a proof-of-concept in minutes. Prototype your app 4x faster with support from hundreds in our developer community.


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credential exchanges/month

Scale with the most-loved developer platform for digital trust. Move fast with beta feature access and dedicated support from us.


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1,000,000+ credential exchanges/month

Launch a trust ecosystem in minutes with governance-as-code, interoperability features, and enterprise-class infastructure.


✨ For a complete list of the features included in each plan, see the feature table below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full Feature Breakdown

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✨ = A feature that is only found at Trinsic








Wallet Features

Issue and receive verifiable credentials

Send W3C standard verifiable credentials to digital wallets.

Generate and verify verifiable presentations

Perform verifications based on your risk policies.

Zero-knowledge proof supports

Request only a true/false value instead of the entire content of a verification.

✨ Secure messaging

Send messages that are encrypted using your private DID.

Custodial wallets

Wallets owned by an organization.

Revocation support

Revoke credentials you've issued.

✨ Hybrid cloud wallet

Wallets with storage hosted in the cloud and keys reside solely on user's devices.

Offline verifications

Offline verifications can be done with minimal setup.

Studio Features

Create credential templates

Create a template to issue credentials in just seconds.

Create verification policies

Codify your business policies into a verification template.

Onboard individuals

Set up cloud agents capable of issuing credentials.

✨ Onboard issuers and verifiers

Create wallets for your users in the cloud through our API.

Customize credential branding

Rich data types (images, dates, media)

SDK Languages

Javascript – Web




Javascript – Browser

Objective C – iOS

Java/Kotlin – Android

Java/Kotlin – Server


Platform Features

Organization limit

The higher your subscription tier, the more issuers and verifiers you're allotted.



No limit

Active cloud wallet limit

The higher your subscription tier, the more cloud wallets you're allotted.



No limit

✨ Global selection of test networks

Use any test network you'd like, from geo-specific to global networks.

✨ Local or custom networks

Add your own custom network to the API.

Sovrin MainNet (production)

Go to production on an enterprise-grade network.

Billing via invoice

Instead of using a credit card, we'll invoice your organization.

✨ HIPAA compliance

Comply with HIPAA and comparable global healthcare regulations.

White label Trinsic APIs

The Trinsic API platform with your branding and URL.

White label Trinsic Studio

The Trinsic Studio with your branding and URL.

✨ Trust registry

Specify which credentials and issuers to trust.

Fixed price billing

Usage-based pricing doesn't work for everyone. We can accommodate fixed price billing, too.

Deep volume discounts

Access deep discounts at scale.

Integration & Automation

✨ Connectionless credential exchange

Exchange credentials instantly without a persistent connection.

QR-based workflows

Create QR codes for credential exchange.

Notification webhooks

Create webhooks to automate workflows within your application.

Deep linking to Trinsic Wallet

Create deep links to Trinsic Wallet for common workflows.

✨ Integrate with 2,000+ other apps

Use Zapier to integrate credential exchange with most other applications.

Custom analytics

Custom analytics reports based on your requirements.


Understandable documentation

Conceptual and technical documentation can be found at

Active developer community and discussion board

Get your questions answered by anyone in the Trinsic developer community.

Email support

Email for help.




Concierge onboarding

Kick off your development effort with a two-hour onboarding training.


Dedicated support chat channel

Direct access to our team via Microsoft Teams.

Custom support options

Support tailored to your needs.

Start issuing and verifying credentials in minutes!