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If you are a customer of Trinsic Core (someone who signed up before November 1st, 2022), click here to view pricing for our legacy product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’ve designed our product and pricing to drastically reduce the time and technical talent needed to create an IDtech product. See what our customers have built.

An identity wallet is where identity credentials are stored. A wallet can belong to a credential issuer, verifier, or end user. Normally 1 wallet = 1 user.

Trinsic is ledger-less by default. We use the did:key method which is a lightweight, ledger-less DID method allowing users to created decentralized identifiers without the need to pay ledger fees or wait for a blockchain. However, we provide the option to upgrade DIDs to a ledger if you would like to for your use case. We aim to be ledger agnostic, and at the moment, we support DIDs on the ION, Sovrin, and Indy ledgers with DID:eth coming soon. Need a different ledger? Talk to us!

Nope! Each ledger has its own fees for posting DIDs, but we’ve wrapped this fee into our pricing so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

Most identity wallets fall into two categories: an edge wallet (everything on the end device) or a full cloud wallet (everything in the cloud). Each has its pros and cons. Trinsic has created a unique propriety hybrid wallet to maximize adoptability without compromising security. Read more here.

Yes! Privacy of data is at the heart of our platform. Read more about zero-knowledge proofs provided by Trinsic here.

Server-side SDKs include Node, C#, Python, Ruby, Go and Java. Client-side SDKs include Browser, iOS, and Android. Check out the docs for more information here.

Decentralized identity is a budding, versatile technology that is gaining major traction across the globe in both the public and private sector. Check out our Global Verifiable Credential Adoption Tracker.

Trinsic was built to scale to production usage of millions of credential exchanges and users per day. If you’re exploring an opportunity that requires this level of volume, let’s have a conversation and devise a pricing strategy that allows you to build a business and allows Trinsic to provide high quality infrastructure and support.