Identity verification pricing

Augment identity verification with the acceptance of 60+ million pre-verified users through Trinsic’s network.


Launch Plan


Production environment for connecting users to verifications they've already done and verifying end-users in your application.


Everything you need to verify new users
  • Verify 16,000+ document types in 220+ countries
  • Accept 20+ reusable ID schemes globally (and growing!)
  • Access 60,000,000+ pre-verified users in the network
  • Secure sharing with face-match and liveness detection
  • Generate end-to-end encrypted reusable IDs using W3C VCs
  • Minimize friction with Passkey authentication
  • Customize verification options depending on user location
  • User consent built in at every step of data sharing
  • Share using selective disclosure and zero-knowledge proofs
  • mDL (Mobile Driver’s License) support in active states
  • Simple integration with minimal code
  • Transaction-based pricing that scales with usage

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

We standardize our verification sources on a credit-based system. You purchase a minimum commitment of verification credits to be used across the various sources. Different digital identity schemes and IDV platforms have different per transaction credit costs.

Trinsic partners with existing digital identity offerings and ecosystems to give users the option to verify their identity using a pre-existing digital identity they already possess, such as CLEAR, Yoti, or a US state-issued mobile driver’s license, rather than going through a physical document scan.

Very quickly! Our team are experts in creating great developer experiences, and we’ve made an effort to make the integration easy. Contact us to get sandbox access to the platform. 

Yes, we do. If you feel like you would fall into this bucket and would like to learn more, contact us.

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