Pricing for each step of your journey

Trinsic is the leading platform to launch and scale your reusable identity products

Sandbox Ecosystem

Explore Plan


Sandbox environment to build demos and understand the concepts of our platform and SDKs.


What you need to get started...
  • Issue + verify W3C verifiable credentials
  • Configure a trust registry
  • Create did:web identifiers
  • End-users log in to wallets with email
  • 10 wallets and 100 credentials
  • Contact us for a trial of the white label wallet
  • Support via Community Slack
Production Ecosystem

Launch Plan


Production environment for launching with end-user data. Launch plans can also include a development environment.


Everything in the Explore Plan plus...
  • Blockchain-based identifiers like did:ion and more
  • Log in to wallets with SMS, passkeys or any OIDC compliant IDP
  • 100+ wallets
  • Production SLAs and incident support
  • Customized ecosystem name and branding
  • White label wallet and issuer portal
  • Integration with Apple and Google wallets
  • Private Slack channel for technical support
  • Identity verification integration for verifying users

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Trinsic was built to scale to production usage of millions of credential exchanges and users per day. If you’re exploring an opportunity that requires this level of volume, let’s have a conversation and devise a pricing strategy that allows you to build a business and allows Trinsic to provide high quality infrastructure and support.

We find that it takes customers as little as days to weeks to integrate with Trinsic, largely being dependent on the complexity of the product you are building.

Yes, we do. If you feel like you would fall into this bucket and would like to learn more, contact us.

Pricing for our legacy v1 product can be found here. Note that we are sunsetting the v1 platform on September 15, 2023. Learn more about this decision here.

Trinsic plans are based on “ecosystems,” so you can add all team members to your ecosystem at no additional cost. 

Yes! For a sample of our customers that are in production with real users, check out our Customer Stories.

By default, the Trinsic platform creates off-chain DIDs (decentralized identifiers) for each wallet within an ecosystem. We use the did:key method which is offered at no additional cost to teams building on Trinsic. If your use case needs DIDs to be on-chain, build and launch ecosystems can use Trinsic to “upgrade” a DID onto a blockchain, like Ion or Sovrin. Each blockchain has a different cost model, and we will pass along that cost to your team. We will be happy to advise on when it makes sense to take advantage of blockchains for your use case.

We price identity verification based on the expected volume of usage. The more verifications you do, the lower the unit cost per verification will be. Contact us to get a specific quote for your use case.  

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