Humanity is sending civilians to orbit the earth, but most people still can't even prove who they are without paper.

How is it that in 2022, photographing or scanning paper documents is the best solution we have to establish digital trust? Whether it’s a driver’s license, health insurance card, employee ID card, vaccination record, college transcript, business license, or any number of other docs, we still need paper to get by. And while we drown in a sea of paper, faceless organizations mine our digital footprints for data to aggregate and sell.

Society's operating system hasn't kept up with technology.

Organizations today are stuck with inefficient solutions when they need to establish trust. They can either:

Luckily, as the world goes increasingly digital, Trinsic enables organizations to establish native digital trust with ease.

Trust infrastructure for the internet

Eventually, people will control their own data and easily share it. They become like their own API, able to share data with those who get their consent. This future is powered by interoperable trust ecosystems in every industry imaginable.
Ultimately, digital trust will make the world more accessible to people who need it. We’d love if you’d join us in making this future a reality. See who we work with:

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