Making the world more accessible

The more easily people can prove who they are, the more easily they can access the services they need. At Trinsic, we believe in a “one tap future” where people can prove things about themselves with a single tap or click of a button. Our infrastructure powers the products that make this future of identity possible.

Digital identity today is broken

How is it that humanity is sending people to space, editing genes, and developing scary-good AI, but digital identity is still done primarily through taking a selfie and a photograph of a physical document? As the world gets increasingly digital, the solution is not to take more pictures of more documents.

IDtech is the future of identity

IDtech is changing the game. IDtech is the name for the category of products that empower users to take control of their identity, share their data safely, and more securely access the things they need. If a fintech product helps you manage your money, an IDtech product helps you manage your identity and data. Trinsic is the leading infrastructure for building IDtech products and platforms.

The future of identity is open

By open, we mean people should be able to prove things about their identity anywhere. It shouldn’t matter what organization, industry, or geography because the future of identity is built on open standards and technologies. We partner with the leading standards and community organizations in the decentralized identity space to ensure that Trinsic is interoperable with the latest and most popular standards.

Trinsic’s origin story

Originally, we wanted to build an IDtech product based on decentralized identity technology. But we spent so much time laying the foundations, we couldn’t imagine maintaining all of the infrastructure indefinitely. We realized instead of trying to build the infrastructure and an application-layer solution, we’d specialize in the infrastructure. We released an API that grew to have >100 developers in just a few months—that was when we knew just how many others were facing the same problem.

Join our team

We’re just getting started

We are a remote team made up of diverse individuals who are tackling one of the world’s toughest challenges—digital identity. We know the future of identity isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. Become a fellow Trinsineer, and have fun tackling some of the world’s hardest problems!