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Everything you need to know about Trinsic’s network

Trinsic connects users with verifications they’ve already done, regardless of the network where they were first verified. We’ve partnered with companies like CLEAR, Yoti, Airside and more who collectively have tens of millions of verified users in their networks. When one of their users visits an application powered by Trinsic, they can click “verify with CLEAR” or “verify with Yoti” to speed through the onboarding flow. We then compensate our partners for these transactions. 

Trinsic acts as a reseller for your existing verifications. Users who have been verified on your platform have the option to consent to sharing their data with other applications. The user experiences the benefit of a fast onboarding process and Trinsic pays you for these transactions. 

Yes, Trinsic offers infrastructure build your own reusable ID network. You can learn more about our digital wallets and verifiable credential platform here