Trinsic White Label Wallet — The Fastest Way to Build with Verifiable Credentials

Image of Trinsic;s white label identity wallet and issuer portal on a laptop and phone screen

Trinsic just released the fastest way to start building with verifiable credentials. Create an account in the Trinsic Dashboard, add your custom branding, and we’ll create a white labeled credential studio allowing you to demo a use case in minutes.

While Trinsic is known for easy-to-use SDKs and a top-tier developer experience, we consistently heard from teams that they need to sell their product vision before writing any code. We’ve recently launched a new set of tools that empower teams to build demos quickly and communicate what’s possible with verifiable credentials.

Our new white label identity wallet can be customized with your colors and logo, allowing your users to log in and view their credentials. Additionally, without any code, you can invite someone to join your ecosystem as an issuer and give them a portal to start issuing verifiable credentials. You can check out these features in the Dashboard and start building your demo environment by following the tutorial below.

Getting started in the Trinsic Dashboard

When you first visit, you’ll need to log in and create your ecosystem. Currently the Branded Studio experience is accessible to all Trinsic users, though we may make it exclusive to the build and launch tiers in the future. Once you’ve launched your ecosystem, you’ll be on the home screen of your Dashboard.

Defining a verifiable credential template

Navigate to the Templates section of the Dashboard and click “Create a template.” Here you should define a simple credential. In our demo, we define a teacherID credential with the attributes firstName, lastName, and expertise. Once you’ve filled out all sections, click to create the template.

Creating a wallet in your ecosystem

You’ll notice the credential template says “No issuers” on it. In order to register an issuer, first you will need to make sure the issuer’s wallet exists in your ecosystem. Navigate to Ecosystem Participants > Wallets. If the issuer you would like to register does not have a wallet yet, you will need to click “Create Wallet” and add their email. You can add your own email address for the purpose of the demo. Adding a new wallet will generate an automated email notifying the user that their wallet is ready.

Adding a registered issuer to a credential template

Now, navigate back to Templates and click “Edit” on the template you just created. You will see the option to register an issuer by email. Add the email you just created a wallet for. Once you register an issuer, they will receive an email notifying them that they’ve been added to your ecosystem.

Customizing your white label credential wallet

By default, the branding shown in the automated emails and the login screen is Trinsic’s branding. In order to change it, in your Dashboard navigate to Settings > Customize. Here you will be able to adjust your brand color and your logo. Update the ecosystem branding, and when you click a login link from either of the emails you received, you will see your new branding reflected in the sign-in box.

To sign in, input your email, and then enter the one-time passcode that was sent to your email. You’re now in your ecosystem’s white label wallet, but you don’t have any credentials yet. We’ll change that in the next section.

Accessing the no-code issuer portal

Navigate to the Issue tab in this same view, and you’ll see that you are authorized to issue the credential template you previously defined. Fill in the email field with your own email (for the first time through the demo) and some data. Click “Issue directly” and now go back to the Credentials section to see your newly issued credential in your wallet.

Note: By default, you can send credentials directly into a wallet associated with an email. Users can delete or export any credentials they receive. In the near future, we will support credential offers where users will be able to accept or reject credentials.

To invite other trusted issuers, navigate back to your Dashboard and repeat the process outlined in the “Adding a registered issuer to a credential template” section above. Each time an issuer is added, they will get a notification email with a clickable link that will take them into the issuer portal.

What will you build?

Now anyone on your team can sell the vision of your identity product, creating customized demos in minutes to share with your stakeholders. We can’t wait to get the white label wallet into the hands of builders everywhere who are promoting the adoption of verifiable credentials. If you have any questions as you’re getting started, please reach out via Slack, or schedule some time to talk with us. You can get started for free at

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