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The future of identity is reusable

Insights from 100+ conversations with identity verification companies, innovative startups, and top executives at market-leading identity companies in 2023.
Learn about:
  • The current adoption of reusable identity
  • Emerging use cases for verified ID online
  • How reusable identity works
  • The biggest challenges with reusable identity
  • Key developments to watch in the next year

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Reusable identity is happening right now

As a leader in the world of reusable, verifiable credentials for the last four years, we’ve spoken to hundreds of identity verification companies, relying parties, infrastructure providers, and more.

While we don’t have a crystal ball, there are undeniable patterns emerging about how the identity market will look over the coming years.

"Reusable identity is a big enough movement that industry leaders are making large acquisitions and changing their product direction. With such a rapidly changing identity verification landscape, the companies that will thrive in the next wave are already moving into position to capitalize."

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