Connect users to verifications they've already done

Reduce friction and fraud in your onboarding flow with verifiable credentials, passkeys and digital wallets. 

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Empower your users to speed through onboarding

All the trust you need without the friction

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Improve conversion by accepting digital ID credentials

Access the most widely adopted digital identity schemes in one unified API. Trinsic Connect gives you access to millions of pre-verified users, turning the minutes-long ordeal of scanning physical documents into a few seconds. 

How Trinsic Connect works

Instant verification for users who have been seen before across the network of Trinsic partners. Reduce friction for your users ensuring more people complete your onboarding flow and start using your application.  

Network of partners

Best in class identity verification and biometrics providers originate trusted data. 

Passkey authentication

Simplify the user experience with a password-less authentication for maximum security with minimum friction. 


Using zero knowledge proofs, users can prove things about themselves without oversharing their personal data. 

Verify users in seconds

Trinsic Connect allows pre-verified users to speed through onboarding.

Embeds in existing workflows

Add a verification process into your existing user onboarding.


Unlock interoperability for your product without any additional effort on your end. 

Future-proof your onboarding flow with leading standards

The future of identity is built on open standards and technologies. We partner with the leading standards and community organizations in the identity space to ensure that Trinsic is interoperable with the latest and most popular specifications.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Trinsic Connect

Reusable identity refers to the ability to use the same identity across multiple systems or applications. This means that instead of having a separate identity for each application or service, a user can use a single identity that is recognized across all of them. Reusable identity is important because it can simplify the user experience by reducing the need for multiple logins and passwords, and it can also improve security by ensuring that the user’s identity is consistently and accurately represented across all systems and applications.

Trinsic has years of experience crafting an amazing user experience when it comes to consumer-facing reusable identity products. Additionally, Trinsic’s platform is based on open standards, extending the usability of your identity verification software.

Like most identity verification solutions, Trinsic Connect uses volume-based pricing, so the more verifications you perform, the lower the unit cost of each verification will be. For a specific quote for your use case, schedule a time to talk with our sales team.

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