AI agents

Give your AI agent agency with reusable identity

Private, digital wallets offer valuable context to AI agents 

The problem

AI agents are only as good as the context that is available to them, introducing privacy and user experience concerns when users repeatedly have to enter personal or sensitive information, so the agent can successfully accomplish the task on their behalf.

The solution​

AI agents equipped with the power of Trinsic’s reusable identity platform have the context they need to be successful while protecting user privacy and improving user experience. AI agents can be equipped with the power of Trinsic’s reusable identity platform.

Reusable identity and AI agents demo video

Using identity wallets and verifiable credentials to enhance usability, privacy, and convenience, in AI interactions.

The benefits

Provide LLMs the context they need

LLMs only become AI agents when they have the context they need to accomplish the task at hand. With reusable identity, AI agents can easily and securely access the information they need while providing a seamless user experience.

Protect the user's privacy

Verifiable credentials and identity wallets are secure, standardized methods for users to store and share their personal information with AI agents and other applications online.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Trinsic for AI.

Reusable identity refers to the ability to use the same identity across multiple systems or applications. This means that instead of having a separate identity for each application or service, a user can use a single identity that is recognized across all of them. Reusable identity is important because it can simplify the user experience by reducing the need for multiple logins and passwords, and it can also improve security by ensuring that the user’s identity is consistently and accurately represented across all systems and applications.

One of the benefits of reusable identity for AI is that it allows for more accurate and personalized recommendations and experiences. By having access to a user’s consistent and accurate identity across multiple systems and applications, AI can better understand the user’s preferences, behaviors, and needs. This can enable AI to provide more targeted and relevant recommendations, as well as create more personalized experiences for the user. Additionally, reusable identity can help to mitigate bias in AI by ensuring that the user’s identity is consistently and accurately represented across all systems and applications, which can improve the accuracy and fairness of AI algorithms.

Trinsic has years of experience crafting an amazing user experience when it comes to consumer-facing reusable identity products. Additionally, Trinsic’s platform is based on open standards, extending the usability of your identity verification software.

Trinsic offers three pricing plans (Free, Build, and Enterprise) which are built to scale with you. The Build plan is $99/month and the Enterprise plan is priced custom to your needs. For more pricing questions, visit our pricing page or schedule a time to talk with our sales team.

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