Adrian Field – OneID’s Approach to Driving BankID Adoption in the UK

Adrian Field - OneID’s Approach to Driving BankID Adoption in the UK

In this episode we talk with Adrian Field, the Director of Market Development at OneID, which is a bank-based identity verification product focused on the UK market.

We cover a range of topics, including:

  • How OneID apply a revenue-share model to incentivize banks to participate in their ecosystem
  • The main use cases they’re focusing on in their go-to-market and the drivers that qualify a good use case
  • How Adrian sees the user experience evolving with emerging standards like verifiable credentials


Adrian has a very good grasp on the digital ID ecosystem and is generous sharing his insights after four years working in this space.

You can learn more about OneID on their website:

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Listen to the full episode on Apple podcastsSpotify or find all ways to listen at

Video timestamps from Adrian Field's interview

You can watch the full video interview on our YouTube channel, or skip to the timestamps below to find the sections that are most interesting to you.  

2:32 – The origin story of OneID

3:26 – How OneID works involves banks in their ecosystem

5:45 – Introduction to OneID’s consent console for reviewing where you’re shared data

8:47 – The user journey of how a consumer would verify themselves

10:09 – OneID’s revenue sharing model

11:59 – The key use cases that OneID is targeting

15:43 – How legislation is changing to enable more digitally-native ID verification

19:09 – Biggest challenges in selling a solution to relying parties

22:41 – How standards like OIDC, verifiable credentials and eIDAS impact user experience

25:37 – Why Adrian sees new standards layering on top of existing systems rather than displacing old modalities

29:27 – How OneID sees the world evolving into a more wallet-based paradigm

33:17 – The speed of verifying through OneID vs. a document scanning flow

36:04 – How fast verifications enable more security and lower fraud

39:26 – How OneID manages different levels of assurance

44:32 – Adrian’s vision for the future of identity

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