Episode 22 – Adam Gunther – Tactical Insights from Equifax and IBM on Driving Reusable Identity Adoption

Episode 22: Adam Gunther - Tactical Insights from Equifax and IBM on Driving Reusable Identity Adoption

On today’s episode we spoke to Adam Gunther, SVP and General Manager of Digital Solutions at Equifax. This was a fascinating conversation about Adam’s journey leading decentralized identity at IBM, moving into an operating role within Equifax, and how their reusable identity strategy has evolved over time.

We talk about tactical factors that are needed for reusable identity adoption, like solutions to liability and common taxonomies for onboarding and recovery. We also talk about how to move forward ambitious identity projects within large enterprises. Listen for Adam’s three rules for getting products off the ground, and why he says “no smart refrigerators.”

You can learn more about Kount, an Equifax Company, on their website and you can find Adam on LinkedIn.

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Video timestamps from Adam Gunther's interview

You can watch the full video interview on our YouTube channel, or skip to the timestamps below to find the sections that are most interesting to you.  

2:38 – Adam’s background in leading blockchain and decentralized identity product at IBM

3:29 – How he came to Equifax to solve the problem of identity theft

4:18 – Adam’s dream of the “one-click mortgage”

6:04 – An early reusable identity pilot with credit unions

7:24 – The importance of account onboarding and recovery in the identity space

10:02 – Adam’s belief about what it will take for reusable identity to gain more support

11:08 – Where Adam sees Equifax’s role within the reusable identity space

13:35 – The need for onboarding standards across the identity industry

18:31 – A possible way to implement onboarding standards to alleviate liability concerns

22:04 – Adam’s advice for people trying to move forward innovative projects within a large enterprise

23:22 – “No smart refrigerators”

25:30 – Adam’s framework for making sure incremental change towards an ambitious, revolutionary goal in identity

27:11 – Adam’s vision for the future of identity

29:09 – Where to find Adam and Kount

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