Trinsic’s New E-Book: “The future of identity is reusable”

In the digital age, the concept of identity verification has become increasingly important. As businesses and individuals conduct more transactions online, the need for robust and secure identity verification methods has become paramount. After speaking with hundreds of identity verification companies, relying parties, and industry-leading identity companies throughout the last four years, we at Trinsic […]

A New Trinsic Platform Walkthrough

New to Trinsic and looking for a quick way to learn how it all works? We got you covered with a full technical walkthrough of the Trinsic platform, courtesy of Trinsic’s co-founder and CTO Tomislav Markovski. This walkthrough was originally presented at did:hack 2023 and is a great tool to learn the fundamental capabilities of […]

Trinsic Updates the Wallet API and Adds React Native and Flutter Support

We’ve released the latest version of the Trinsic SDK—version 1.11.0. In this release, we’ve made two important product updates that make building with Trinsic easier and more accessible. The updates include:   Deprecating the Account API (potential for breaking changes) Adding React Native & Flutter support Below, we’ll dive deeper into these improvements and discuss […]

Trinsic’s Podcast “The Future of Identity” Is Now Live

Trinsic has launched a new podcast called ‘The Future of Identity’. Hosted by Trinsic’s CEO Riley Hughes, ‘The Future of Identity’ talks to the people building the IDtech products of tomorrow. The purpose of the podcast is to be the go-to resource for IDtech entrepreneurs who are looking for valuable insights regarding how to successfully […]

Trinsic Basics: What Is a Trust Registry?

trust registry illustration

The rules, or governance, of a verifiable credential ecosystem dictate which participants are allowed in a given ecosystem and therefore, who can be trusted. With Trinsic’s Trust Registry Service, ecosystem governance is implemented and configured directly through the Trinsic SDK. This means our customers do not have to build a unique technical solution to solve […]

Trinsic Launches Identity For Good in Response to Ukraine Crisis

Since an unprovoked Putin shocked the world by launching Europe’s largest military conflict since WWII into Ukraine, some 2,000,000 individuals have fled their homes in search of safety in a span of less than one week. While the world is–unfortunately–no stranger to refugees, the scale and velocity of the exodus has been unprecedented. Many of […]

Event Recap: SSI for Economic Empowerment—Lessons from Africa

The worldwide adoption of self-sovereign identity (SSI) has the potential to increase people’s access to goods and services, including for disadvantaged individuals across the globe. For example, more than one billion people in the world do not have a government ID¹, causing them to be excluded from a variety of services like banking and healthcare. […]

OWI Digital Forum Recap: The Rise & Adoption of Verifiable Credentials

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Trinsic CEO Riley Hughes sat down with One World Identity (OWI) CEO Travis Jarae to have a one-on-one conversation about “The Rise & Adoption of Verifiable Credentials”. Below is a short summary of the conversation as well as answers to the questions that were asked by the audience during the […]