Trinsic Ecosystems Is Now Our Exclusive Platform for New Users

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Trinsic Ecosystems, the next generation of our full-stack platform for building identity products, is now the default product for new users when you sign up for Trinsic.


Since we launched in 2020 with our our v1 platform, Trinsic Core, over 1,000 developers have issued their first verifiable credentials using Trinsic. While we’ve gotten great feedback and solidified our place as the best platform to get your hands dirty with verifiable credentials and self-sovereign identity (SSI), we’re ready to move towards identity technology that is suited for mass adoption.


Trinsic Core was underpinned by a bundled set of libraries including Hyperledger Aries, Indy, and Ursa. We’ve documented our challenges with this approach—put simply, it did not meet our customers’ requirements for scalability or performance needed for their products to become mainstream.


Trinsic Ecosystems contains a number of key improvements that make it more performant, flexible, and adoptable. We believe these improvements will help make SSI technology more widespread.

What’s New in Trinsic Ecosystems

Every decision we’ve made when building Trinsic Ecosystems has been driven by an intense focus on what IDtech product developers need to build an amazing end-user experience. Products developed on this next-gen infrastructure inherit a host of capabilities designed to make them succeed. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in Trinsic Ecosystems:

Performant and Scalable Verifiable Credential Exchange

Everything in Trinsic Ecosystems is faster. Issue and verify credentials in milliseconds. Bulk issue credentials without any concern about slowdowns.

Awesome New Wallet SDK

The first of its kind, our wallet SDK was built from the ground-up for native support in several mobile languages, to be embedded in existing applications, or delivered as a web app—and wallets are synchronized between multiple devices, enhancing user experience.

Ledgerless by Default with the Options to Upgrade DIDs

Our default product experience is ledgerless (utilizes the DID:key method). You have full control over how DIDs are upgraded to a ledger/blockchain in your ecosystem, saving you money on ledger fees, and ensuring your independence from any particular chain.

Standard-compliant, Flexible, ZKP-enabled Credentials

W3C compliant Verifiable Credentials unlock more flexibility (including use of PDFs, images, dates, etc. rather than just strings in credentials) and interoperability. Additionally, revocation registries are implemented with Status Lists, a W3C spec.

Governance Built In

Ecosystem providers can establish rules in their ecosystem that enhance safety and trust, including managing which participants can issue and verify credentials. Governance can interoperate between ecosystems since we open sourced our Trust Registry implementation which is based on the ToIP spec.

These are just a few of the exciting updates in Trinsic Ecosystems. For a more in-depth and technical breakdown, please refer to our migration documentation.

What Stays the Same in Trinsic Ecosystems

Trinsic’s goal is to be the infrastructure of choice for developers who are building identity wallets and ecosystems to provide more people access to re-usable and self-sovereign identity. We make complex technology easy to use through turnkey APIs and understandable documentation. With that said, here’s what will be the same with the release of our new platform:

  • It’s still free to get started with Trinsic
  • You can start issuing and verifying credentials in minutes manually or programmatically
  • Trinsic’s high quality infrastructure is ready to scale up as your company grows
  • Our APIs and SDKs are still easy to use and supported by great documentation
  • Our team of digital identity experts is still available on Slack, or if you want to schedule time for a call
  • We’re still focused on spec-compliance, interoperability, and contributing to the broader identity ecosystem

Timelines for Moving Forward

Trinsic Core, our v1 platform based on Hyperledger Indy and Aries, will remain operational, supported, and accessible for our existing customers. We will continue to work closely with current customers to help them migrate to our Trinsic Ecosystems platform. You can still access our v1 Studio by visiting and view the documentation at


As of November 1st, 2022, Trinsic Ecosystems is the exclusive platform that we provide to new users and customers. We will continue shipping features in Trinsic Ecosystems to support people building IDtech products. If there is something you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you in our Slack Community!

We’re Ready for the Future of IDtech

Widespread adoption of SSI will only happen when we have great products built on top of open technologies. Trinsic is ready to be the infrastructure layer that powers a generation of builders reimagining identity in every vertical from education to medical to professional services and beyond. We’re more excited than ever about the future of IDtech, and if you’re building something in the identity space, we would love to talk

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