Feature: Trinsic Prize Winners from the Decentralized Identity Foundation Hackathon

Trinsic Prize Winners from the Decentralized Identity Foundation Hackathon

Trinsic sponsored the Decentralized Identity Foundation’s hackathon running from October 26, 2023 – December 3, 2023. Our goal was to encourage developers to think creatively about how to give users more control of their data using verifiable credentials. To kick off the hackathon our Head of Engineering, JP George, hosted an Intro to Trinsic session to help teams get oriented to our platform.

In this post we’re sharing the projects that won the Trinsic prize. To view all winners of the hackathon, you can visit the project gallery on Devpost.

Third place: Titleblox

A private communications and data/document-sharing gateway for DMVs to process titles and transfer ownership for businesses “licensed” to buy, sell, and trade in motor vehicles.

Innovating within the automotive industry, Titleblox is looking to incorporate digital trust and cryptographic attestations when vehicles change hands. With over 40 million used car sales in just the USA every year, there is a huge opportunity to utilize verifiable data to improve a process that still relies on paper certificates and snail mail.

For the full details, visit their submission on Devpost and their slide deck overview of the concept 

Second place: You've Got Mail and VC

Email is the most versatile UI/UX and the OG of identity. With tons of data sitting in inboxes, this app verifies e-mails into VCs to prove literally anything.

According to the developer who built this, 0xStruct, “this app showcases how email can be used as a trusted and credible source to generate verified credentials (without involvement of issuers). This is possible because integrity of email is ensured via DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).”

Additionally, he was motivated to solve this problem after experiencing the hassle involved with sharing university diplomas. Graduates may have to pay $30+ just to send a paper certificate to prove they completed their schooling. The idea of verifiable credentials giving users control of their data was what drew him to the decentralized identity space.

For the full project details, view the submission on Devpost

First place: An Anonymous Door Unlocking with Anonymity Revocation

An Anonymous Door Unlocking System is a privacy-preserving, secure entry solution for lab environments. Utilizing verifiable credentials with BBS+ signature scheme and Decentralized Web Nodes (DWN) and Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) stuffs. This system allows lab members to unlock the lab’s door anonymously, without disclosing their identity, using an unlinkable selective disclosure feature, except for the fact that they are authorized lab members.

For the full details, visit their submission on Devpost

More about Trinsic

We love seeing all of the creative ideas for how developers use Trinsic’s platform to issue, hold and verify credentials. To explore how Trinsic can enable reusable identity in your applications get started building, or check out our documentation

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