Podcast Season 2 + The Future of Identity Newsletter

Podcast Season 2 + The Future of Identity Newsletter

January 10th, 2024 is a big day for Trinsic. We’re launching the second season of our industry-leading podcast, The Future of Identity. We’re also adding a weekly newsletter to share the latest developments from the IDtech world.

After coining the term #IDtech to describe “products that empower users to take control of their identity, share their data safely and more securely access the things they need“ in Riley Hughe’s Forbes article in late 2022, we realized that no one was telling the story of the IDtech builders. It was clear to us to user-controlled identity was already a huge trend, so we made it our goal to become the hub for content related to reusable ID and identity technology. Here’s what to look forward to in early 2024: 

Future of Identity podcast season 2

We started The Future of Identity podcast with the goal of sharing insights from people who have built identity products and launched them with real users. Rather than talk about theory and standards, we wanted to dive deep with founders and product builders about tactical questions related to onboarding stakeholders into an ecosystem, building a great user experience, and overcoming the chicken and the egg problem that’s inherent in a lot of IDtech use cases.

After 18 episodes with some of the most innovative builders in our space, we got tremendous feedback from the digital identity community. We are excited to double down on the podcast in 2024 and we’ll now be publishing full video interviews with guests on our YouTube channel

We have a strong line up of innovators coming on early in 2024, and we’re also planning opportunities for in-person recordings, meetups and live sessions with listeners of the podcast. You’ll want to subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up to date! 

Future of Identity newsletter

The reusable identity space is moving quickly and some of the biggest companies in the world launched reusable ID offerings last year. We documented the most notable announcements from 2023 in our e-book, The future of identity is reusable and published the headlines as a blog post at the end of the year. We soon realized that given the pace of innovation, we needed a more consistent way to share news with the community.

This year, we’re launching a weekly newsletter to highlight the biggest news and developments from the IDtech industry. To sign up for the newsletter, visit trinsic.id/podcast or you can input your email directly into the form below:


How to get in touch

If you have news or announcements that you want included in our weekly reusable ID newsletter, you can send an email to zack.jones at trinsic.id or connect on LinkedIn. To recommend guests for our podcast, you can reach out to Zack, or connect with Riley Hughes, co-founder and CEO of Trinsic and host of our podcast.

Thanks for reading and following along. We look forward to another year of podcasts, announcements and progress towards a better future of identity. 

Zack Jones

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