A New Trinsic Platform Walkthrough

New to Trinsic and looking for a quick way to learn how it all works? We got you covered with a full technical walkthrough of the Trinsic platform, courtesy of Trinsic’s co-founder and CTO Tomislav Markovski. This walkthrough was originally presented at did:hack 2023 and is a great tool to learn the fundamental capabilities of Trinsic.

Below we include a brief intro to Trinsic, breakdown the platform walkthrough, and share resources on how to get started building with Trinsic.

Trinsic is an enabler of verifiable credential products

If you are reading this now, you most likely have identified a problem within a certain industry, use case, or workflow that verifiable credentials can solve. You need to build the perfect product that implements verifiable credential technology in order to make your solution real and adoptable. Trinsic is the ideal verifiable credential infrastructure partner to do just that.

Trinsic takes care of all of your infrastructure needs, so you can focus on the following two things:

  1. Building an incredible product

  2. Selling that product to an ecosystem of users

While you are focused on your product and users, Trinsic takes care of things like, credential issuance, credential verification, identity wallet creation, ecosystem governance, scalability, interoperability, and more so you don’t have to, saving your team time and resources.

Trinsic’s platform walkthrough

In Trinsic’s platform walkthrough below, you will be shown reference applications for issuing a verifiable credential and verifying the credential on a website. The video will also demonstrate how to use governance with verifiable credentials and will end by talking about Trinsic’s future plans and additions. Below we have included links to the resources used within the walkthrough as well as timestamps for your convenience.



Issuing a verifiable credential with Trinsic
  • Introduction to Trinsic and Tomislav’s background: 0:00
  • Introducing the did:hack repo for issuing and verifying a credential: 5:10
  • Creating an ecosystem in the Trinsic dashboard dashboard.trinsic.id: 6:17
  • Creating your first verifiable credential template: 7:41
  • Adding UI-friendly sections to your verifiable credential template: 8:54
  • Using chatGPT to create a verifiable credential template and sample data: 9:29
  • Viewing the JSON schema of your verifiable credential in the Trinsic dashboard: 10:05
  • Getting your API token for the Trinsic service: 10:45
  • Issuing a verifiable credential from a template with the Trinsic SDK:11:20
  • Understanding the metadata fields in the verifiable credential: 12:50
  • Resolving a did:ion with the universal did resolver: 14:14
  • Sending a verifiable credential to a users wallet using email identifier: 15:25
Building the verification application
  • Introducing the verification application using OIDC for verifiable credentials: 16:34
  • Configuring OIDC Client for verifying a credential on Trinsic: 18:15
  • Using OpenID Connect to present a credential on a website: 20:08
  • Viewing different components of the verifiable presentation: 21:00
  • Using selective disclosure with BBS signatures to minimize data sharing: 22:58
  • Independently verifying a proof from Trinsic: 25:32
  • Understanding validation results from a verifiable presentation: 26:20
  • Using the Trinsic CLI to revoke a verifiable credential and update the VC status: 28:21
Questions and answers
  • Why has Trinsic chosen to go with BBS+ signatures?: 30:45
  • Is it possible to verify Trinsic issued credentials with a server from another software stack / company in the ecosystem?: 32:00
  • What is the simplest way to integrate OIDC as a verifier?: 33:28
Governance and trust registries
  • Introducing governance – utilizing trust registries to augment the verifiable credential: 34:18
  • Configuring a verifiable credential to include governance: 35:50
  • Registering a trusted verifiable credential issuer with the dashboard or CLI: 39:18
  • Viewing trust registry membership in a verifiable presentation: 39:53
  • Resources for creating your own issuer and verifier applications with Trinsic: 40:14

Future plans for Trinsic platform:

Start building with Trinsic today

Now that you have gone through a complete Trinsic walkthrough, you are ready to get started. Sign up at https://dashboard.trinsic.id/ today or contact our team to set up a call. We also welcome questions via our community Slack.

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