Introducing Trinsic

We’re thrilled to announce that Streetcred ID is now Trinsic. You can read our official announcement here, which also covers the exciting news that we recently were backed by some of the best institutional investors around.

Why Trinsic

In my recent blog post titled “What Is Self-Sovereign Identity?” (SSI), I explained how I conceptualize human identity: we each have an intrinsic identity and an extrinsic identity (edited for brevity, emphasis added).

Intrinsic identity is what we see when we look in the mirror. It’s our gender identity, political identity, and cultural identity. It’s intrinsic to us and is the truest form of identity.

Extrinsic identity is how others, often institutions, identify us. A driver’s license is the most ubiquitous example – it is also how financial institutions, airports, and bars identify us.

SSI is the closest we can get to representing this real-world identity digitally. With privacy and consent built-in, SSI enables us to manage our intrinsic identity. And excitingly, for the first time, our extrinsic identity can be represented online through portable, verifiable, digital credentials.


Trinsic is the common denominator between these concepts. Trinsic represents individual control, autonomy, and consent. It represents accessibility, verifiability, and universality. In short, Trinsic represents self-sovereign identity.

Our mission is the same

Although we have a new name and look, our mission has not changed. We seek to make the world more accessible to people everywhere through SSI. But first, we’re making SSI more accessible to developers and enterprises the world over. Trinsic’s full-stack SSI platform, including the Trinsic APIs, Trinsic Wallet, and Trinsic Studio, is a tool to make this a reality. Check out all our products on our website.

Trinsic's image is driven by our values

Trinsic’s brand and voice are inspired by our values as outlined below. For more details on how our brand came to be, check out this blog post by our brilliant designer Josh Welty.


  • Accessibility: We’re passionate about making the world and its useful services accessible to all.
  • Dexterity: We’re resourceful, skillful, and intentional.
  • Humanity: We see beauty in humanity and are passionate about empowering people to live their authentic lives.
  • Transparency: We practice proactive honesty to establish relationships where trust is central.

What has changed?

Product names



Domain names



API endpoints


We’ll continue supporting Streetcred domains on API endpoints for the next few months to avoid breaking changes. However, all API users must point their applications at the new Trinsic endpoints over the next few months. We will stop supporting Streetcred resources in August.


Mobile wallet


Simply upgrade your Streetcred mobile app to version 2.0.8 to upgrade to the Trinsic Wallet!

True to our 'identity'

This rebrand has been in the works for months. Since Streetcred launched its first products in August 2019, we have worked with hundreds of developers and organizations that are as excited about self-sovereign identity as we are. We have learned a lot since we started, and our platform has gotten stronger because of your feedback.


Overall, Trinsic better fits who we are and what we stand for. You will notice the branding on our products, social platforms, and materials will begin to shift from Streetcred ID to Trinsic over the next few days and weeks. We are excited for this new chapter in our history, and we want to thank you for your continued support.


Check out our new website at Log in to the Trinsic Studio using the Trinsic Wallet and start issuing verifiable credentials in less than 5 minutes!

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