Trinsic Studio

The original verifiable credential
management dashboard

Trinsic Studio was the first easy-to-use dashboard for organizations to issue, verify,

and manage digital credentials. Now, it’s available to white-label with better performance than ever.

Issue digital credentials to your customers

Organizations can issue digital credentials in seconds with Trinsic Studio. Send credentials to your customers by a peer-to-peer encrypted channel, email, or QR code/link.

Verify digital credentials instantly

When a customer presents his or her credential for verification, organizations won’t need any human interaction to attest to the validity of these credentials.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Trinsic’s partnership with leading workflow automation platform Zapier means integrations to 2000+ common applications!

White-label Trinsic Studio

Give the organizations in your ecosystem a digital credential dashboard with your branding. Lower cost than building and maintaining your own dashboard.


The entire Trinsic Platform is based on open standards, so any digital wallet or digital credential platform that is also based on the latest open self-sovereign identity standards will be interoperable with Trinsic Studio.

No coding necessary

Built for simplicity and usability, Trinsic Studio is the fastest way to get started with issuing and verifying digital credentials in your ecosystem.


Integrating digital credentials into your workflows has never been easier! Trinsic Studio can integrate 3000+ common applications.


Need to be able to revoke credentials at will for your use case? No problem! We got you covered.

Ready to get started?

Start issuing and verifying digital credentials in minutes with
Trinsic Studio!