End-to-end decentralized identity platform engineered for simplicity and usability

A complete verifiable credential solution at your fingertips. No computer science degree necessary. Leverage the most advanced self-sovereign identity platform in the world. 

Trinsic Studio is a single portal with everything an organization needs to build self-sovereign identity solutions.

DIDComm platform

DIDComm is a new way to have fully encrypted, mutually authenticated communication with your users. Once connected, your relationship is persistent and can be used to share verified data, messages, and credentials.

Credential platform

Issue, verify, manage, and exchange verifiable credentials with the click of a button. Integrate with multiple blockchain networks. Rest assured we’ll implement the most cutting-edge protocols, like connectionless issuance and revocation notifications. 

User wallets

Create cloud wallets for your users as a part of a workflow. Manage wallets on their behalf for any guardianship, delegation, or custodianship scenario.


Use self-sovereign identity to accomplish authentication, authorization, and permissioning in your platform. Easily integrates with legacy schemes like SAML and OIDC.  

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Focus on your use case, not on maintaining dependencies

Open source codebases in our space are young and evolving rapidly. That means you must constantly make sense of the changes and maintain your solution accordingly. As primary contributors to these projects, our products will always stay up with the latest protocols and stay backwards-compatible. 

Future proof and ready today

Our platform is production-ready today and we release quality new features every few weeks. We're constantly improving because we listen intently to our users and build exactly what you need to be successful.  

The easiest way to build with SSI

If there were useful tools to easily build self-sovereign identity solutions, we wouldn’t have started Trinsic. Our users report building their products 4x faster with Trinsic Studio than with the next-best substitute. 

Built for developers, by developers

The Trinsic Studio was built with feedback from scores of developers in mind. It’s the quickest way to get access to industry-leading APIs, SDKs, and world-class documentation.

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