Trinsic Wallet: It's like your physical wallet, but digital.

Securely collect your credentials, certificates, and licenses all on your phone instead of a leather pouch in your pocket. Proving your identity or other traits just got a whole lot easier and safer.

One place for all things you

You have been collecting paper and plastic representations of your identity, achievements, certifications, and experiences since you were a child. But until now, there has been no standard way to do this digitally. 


Trinsic allows you to simplify your digital life by obtaining digital versions of all these credentials so that they’re there when you need them—easily, securely, and privately.

Trinsic Studio + Trinsic Wallet: The perfect marriage

The Trinsic Wallet works seamlessly with the Trinsic Studio, the fastest way to issue credentials to a digital wallet. Use the API for more advanced integrationsGet started for free or check out our additional plans. 

A wallet for every requirement

Mobile Wallet SDK

Integrate an embedded digital wallet into any application.

White Label Wallet

Skip the development effort by white labeling Trinsic’s popular mobile wallet.

The Trinsic Advantage

Interoperable, open standards

Seamlessly interact with any third party that implements open, community-driven standards. We don’t just talk about interoperability – we were the first mobile app that met the Aries interoperability profile.

Free and Supported Forever

By providing self-sovereign identity free to all, we are one step closer to helping create an internet that respects human dignity.

Growing Ecosystem of Issuers and Verifiers

Hundreds of companies have joined this movement, and more are joining every day. Anyone using open standards – not just Trinsic’s partners – can interact with you using the Trinsic Wallet.

No Vendor Lock-in

Don’t like our app anymore? No problem. You can export your wallet and move to another one whenever you want.

Curious how digital wallets will impact your business? Get in touch.