An Introduction to Trinsic’s APIs

Trinsic is the best way to implement verifiable credentials. Our platform is made up of three APIs built specifically for verifiable credential exchange. Trinsic’s APIs make developers’ lives easier by making the implementation of verifiable credentials simple and accessible. Below, we give a brief introduction to Trinsic’s APIs with accompanying resources to learn more.

Provider API

We launched our newest API—the Provider API—last year as the first product built specifically for self-sovereign identity (SSI) providers. Providers are the organizations that bring together issuers, holders, and verifiers into a single ecosystem, generally under a single use case or family of use cases. They establish the rules around who is able to participate in their ecosystem.


In verifiable credential exchange, as shown in the graphic below, instead of verifiers having to establish a relationship with every single issuer in an ecosystem in order to perform verifications, the verifiers establish a single relationship with the provider. If they can trust the provider, they can trust the credentials coming from any number of issuers in the ecosystem.

A familiar example of a provider is Mastercard, and within the Mastercard ecosystem, banks are the credential issuers (in this case the credential is a Mastercard credit card), consumers are the holders, and merchants are the credential verifiers.


The Provider API makes it possible for providers to create credential issuers and verifiers programmatically instead of one at a time. With the Provider API, any organization can literally become a SSI provider for their ecosystem. When the Provider API was first released, one of our users created 13,000 verifiers in a singles script! Unlike the Credentials API and the Wallet API below, the Provider API is a paid feature on our platform.

Get started


  • See the documentation of the Provider API here.
  • Check out our Provider Reference App to see how it can be used in a web application.
  • We use our own Provider API to help you create organizations in the Trinsic Studio. Head to the Studio to see for yourself!

Credentials API

The Credentials API is as simple as it sounds—it is for issuing and verifying credentials. Verifiable credential issuance and verification is at the core of every SSI use case, so the Credentials API is used, whether directly or indirectly through Trinsic Studio, by all of our customers.


Get started


  • See the documentation of the Credentials API here.
  • Check out our Issuer Reference App for a demo on how to issue a business card credential to anyone with a mobile wallet.
  • Check out our Verifier Reference App for an example of how to simulate a request of “proof of passport”.

Wallet API

The Wallet API is for creating and managing cloud wallets on behalf of credential holders (i.e. individuals). The cloud wallets you create with this API can hold credentials, make connections, and respond to incoming requests. This API is ideal for organizations that would like to manage wallets on behalf of individuals (and uses its own authentication to authenticate the person to the correct wallet). Cloud wallets are flexible in that individuals can access them via mobile app or browser. Trinsic’s Wallet API can be integrated using our Mobile SDK.


Get started


  • See the documentation of the Wallet API here.
  • Check out our Wallet Reference App for a demo on how to manage custodial wallets for an organization.
  • Interested in using our Mobile SDK? Contact us.

Start building

Ready to get started implementing verifiable credentials today using Trinsic’s APIs? Start by creating a free Trinsic Studio account which allows you to start interacting with our APIs in minutes. Or visit our documentation to learn more.