Trinsic Introduces New Design System

If you’re reading this, you have probably seen the exciting news that Streetcred ID is now Trinsic! With this change comes an updated brand image and series of design choices. So, we have rebuilt our entire design system from the ground up. Our goal is to convey our focused mission of bringing accessible self-sovereign identity solutions to the world.


To lay the groundwork for this redesign, our team has established four core values which lend to our mission:


  • Making our services accessible to anyone.
  • Working as a dexterous, intentional, and skillful team.
  • Emphasizing the beauty of humanity and providing products that enable people to live authentic lives.
  • Proactively establishing a culture of transparency, trust, and honesty.


Each of the following areas of our new system aim to convey this vision.


Our logo and name are the first impression of who we are: a team that is working to bring accessible self-sovereign identity to the world. The logo elements have been crafted to convey just that.


The logomark takes fingerprint imagery, which has long been associated with legacy identification systems, and transforms it into a human hand. The handprint’s blue gradient signals trust. The soft, curved lines provide an approachable tone. The logo signifies how Trinsic is revolutionizing the world of digital identity—an industry which has historically forgotten humanity in lieu of technology.


We use the Sen typeface for the Trinsic wordmark. Sen has occasional sharp corners which provide a cutting edge image. The combination of the logo and name indicate that digital identity must walk the line between humanity and technology in order to succeed.


You can read more about the name of the Trinsic brand here.

Color scheme


Our Trinsic Blue is indicative of the reliable support we strive to provide our users. We want them to understand they are in good hands with secure products. The cool blue color helps balance the warm salmon.


Our Trinsic Salmon has subtle shades of orange in it. Orange is associated with change and motion. Red carries with it the energy and edge representing the significance of what our company is achieving—after all, SSI is shaking up many industries around the world. Because pure reds can be abrasive, we have toned down the saturation, increased the lightness, and blended in subtle orange tones.


Our yellow accent helps our partners and users see that we are human and have personality as a company. We recognize the same in our users. Yellow is bright and quirky and helps convey our company value of finding beauty in humanity.


Our dark neutral colors – slate gray and blue-gray – give our products a cutting edge feel. The dark themes pay homage to our developer roots. They are reminiscent of the dark mode themes our developers love to use. Our neutral colors enhance the other messages we want to convey without making the theme feel too busy.


We chose to use the typeface “Inter” for our typographic scale. This typeface carries over from our previous branding to provide continuity and familiarity to our existing partners and users.


Inter is designed to be accessible. It is a simple sans-serif with elements of Swiss Design. Its tall x-height ensures readability on screens. It does a wonderful job of completing its function without distracting the user from what they want to do. We build our products to be tools that work in such a way.

Illustration & shapes

Our team decided we would establish guidelines for shapes and illustrations. The shapes we use generally include a combination of two elements: approachable rounded edges and the occasional sharp edge. These shapes convey our accessible mission paired with the way our company provides cutting edge solutions.


Our company’s illustrations regularly include people. We wanted these illustrations to have just enough personality to convey the individuality we recognize in every one of us. These illustrations are typically paired with abstractions of our products. The abstractions have enough detail to provide context about their functions without requiring too much mental strain to understand them.

Our team at Trinsic is thrilled to see this new brand launch. We are working hard to ensure our products are accessible and delightful to all. The building of the Trinsic Design System was no exception. We look forward to seeing this rebranding process facilitate our goal of bringing accessible self-sovereign identity to more people everywhere.


Joshua Coffey

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