Trinsic Builds Open Source Trust Registry Sponsored by eSSIF-Lab

Making self-sovereign identity (SSI) more adoptable has always been our North Star at Trinsic. It was in 2019 when we made SSI accessible to the everyday developer through an API. And it was when we announced Trinsic Ecosystems, a product that enables developers to implement SSI within entire ecosystems, networks, or marketplaces at enterprise-level scale […]

Trinsic Basics: Open Source SSI Codebases

In a previous post, we discussed Trinsic’s commitment to making sure our platform is based on the most recent self-sovereign identity (SSI) standards. Because of that commitment, solutions built with Trinsic will always be interoperable and untethered from vendor lock-in. We implement those standards through open source codebases which power everything we do at Trinsic. […]

Trinsic Contributes an OpenAPI for the Hyperledger Aries Framework .NET

Since before Trinsic even began, we were major contributors to various open source decentralized identity projects, the primary one being Hyperledger Aries. In fact, I became a main contributor to the Aries Framework .NET, a mature self-sovereign identity (SSI) agent codebase for the .NET Core runtime, and our CPO Michael Boyd is an original contributor […]