Combining Verifiable Credentials and Smart Contracts for COVID-19 Data Management

Over the past few months, a number of apps have been developed that use verifiable credentials to streamline the transfer of data in the COVID-19 testing process. However, Bart Cant, Founder and Managing Partner of Rethink Ledgers, decided to use a unique approach in developing his prototype app. Not only did he use verifiable credentials […]

Simplifying SSI-Based Solutions to Focus on Adoption

When the outbreak of COVID-19 started, Michael Corning, the Cryptocosm Architect at, wanted to build a self-sovereign identity (SSI) based app that would help reopen his local economy in Sisters, Oregon without reopening the pandemic. As we all know, how easy it is to adopt a new technology or software plays a key role […]

Decreasing Unemployment Among African Youth Using Verifiable Credentials

In response to COVID-19, businesses and industries around the world have had to reduce spending and cut costs in order to continue operating. This has led to businesses being reluctant to hire new employees and unfortunately having to lay off employees. Recent college graduates and youth are having to navigate this difficult economic situation as […]

MedCreds: Reducing the Risk of Returning to Work During COVID-19

Looking to do its part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinsic announced three months ago that it would waive all fees for anyone working on projects related to the pandemic. Since then, we have seen a myriad of use cases ranging from using verifiable credentials for HIPAA certifications, to privacy-first contact tracing, to […]

Exploring the Use of Verifiable Credentials in Supply Chain and Beyond

There are now more than 15 groups working with Trinsic to deploy verifiable credentials to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The use cases range from HIPAA certifications for new contact tracers to credentialing for medical doctors practicing telemedicine to verifiable medical certificates. We are joined by many others in the decentralized identity community who are exploring these and other use […]

Closing the Digital Trust Gap During COVID-19

Along with the rest of the decentralized identity community, Trinsic celebrated the recent launch of the Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation. This cross-sector coalition, housed under the Linux Foundation, will help define “a complete architecture for internet-scale digital trust that combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers.” Although […]

Digital Inclusion & COVID-19: Leaving No One Behind

We’ve heard the phrase “the world is going digital” time and time again. And it’s true! We can access our bank account on our phone. We can meet with a doctor through a video call. And due to COVID-19, many of us find ourselves in a living room instead of a conference room for work meetings.   […]

Getting Essential Workers Back to Work with SSI

A Collaboration Between Trinsic and the Government of British Columbia Note: This is a demonstration intended to show the participant an example scenario involving theoretical government web services, a theoretical medical lab, and a theoretical long-term care facility. This demo was done at the Internet Identity Workshop #30 to show interoperability between two codebases, and […]

Will the Dog Eat Your COVID-19 Food?

The Trinsic team has been amazed to see the response we have received from our initial call to action to build verifiable credentials solutions that will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We’re actively involved in several communities including the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI) and the Decentralized Identity Foundation, which have bought together experts and organizations from across the […]