What is Identity Acceptance? 5 Benefits of Accepting Digital IDs

What is identity acceptance? Identity acceptance is the ability to utilize an existing verified digital identity to fulfill a user onboarding or user verification scenario. We announced our identity acceptance network last week with an initial set of incredible partners like CLEAR, Yoti, IDverse, Airside, Dentity and a dozen more. Now, instead of making every […]

Trinsic Launches First Identity Acceptance Network

Trinsic Launches First Identity Acceptance Network SALT LAKE CITY: May 21, 2024 – Trinsic, a pioneering digital identity startup, launches the world’s first identity acceptance network in partnership with dozens of world-class identity providers. Starting today, businesses can use Trinsic to verify 60,800,000 people 10x faster than a from-scratch identity verification, while also reducing fraud. […]

FLEX Health – Revolutionizing the Healthcare Workforce with Verifiable Credentials

FLEX Health is a healthcare technology company on a mission to solve the complex staffing challenges faced by hospital systems. The company was founded by two industry experts, Tyler French has 10 years experience in hospital operations and process improvement in the staffing office, and Ron Wallmann who has 30 years experience in leading clinical […]

10 Predictions for IDtech in 2024

10 Predictions for IDtech in 2024 The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on where we are and speculate about where we’re going. As I’ve spent time pondering these questions, I thought it’d be fun to document some specific predictions about 2024. I do not have any special information […]

Trinsic Launches Reusable Identity Powered by Verifiable Credentials and Passkeys

Trinsic Launches Reusable Identity Powered by Verifiable Credentials and Passkeys SALT LAKE CITY: Dec. 13, 2023 – Trinsic, a market-leading reusable identity platform, launches its newest product, Trinsic Connect, a one-click identity verification solution utilizing verifiable credentials, digital wallets, and passkeys. Applications can now instantly verify and onboard new users through Trinsic’s reusable identity network. […]

The Future of Identity Wallets with Trinsic

New updates to the Trinsic platform give developers more flexibility in how to deploy identity wallets into new and existing applications. Our goal is to power a world where millions of verifiable credentials are exchanged every day, and we believe that delivering great wallet experiences is the best way to further adoption of identity technology. […]

Identity Wallets in the Trinsic Ecosystems Platform

wallets in Trinsic Ecosystems

Trinsic Ecosystems, our next generation platform, became the default product for new users as of November 1st, 2022. With this update, we’ve unlocked a world of new possibilities for developers building IDtech products. Our goal is to provide flexibility for product builders to create the best experiences for their users. This post will cover: Two […]

Building SSI Digital Wallets: The 3 Major Decisions

Digital wallets are central to self-sovereign identity (SSI). Some have even called for using the wallet as the central point of explaining SSI. If you’re seeking to implement an SSI solution, you have two options: Use an existing mobile wallet, like the popular Trinsic Wallet, Connect.Me, or Lissi. Develop your own wallet, custom-made for your […]