Trinsic Launches First Identity Acceptance Network

Trinsic Launches First Identity Acceptance Network

SALT LAKE CITY: May 21, 2024 – Trinsic, a pioneering digital identity startup, launches the world’s first identity acceptance network in partnership with dozens of world-class identity providers. Starting today, businesses can use Trinsic to verify 60,800,000 people 10x faster than a from-scratch identity verification, while also reducing fraud.

In a world of pervasive deepfakes and AI-generated media, the demand for identity verification is skyrocketing. But statistics show that asking users to verify themselves using a photograph of a plastic ID card results in as much as 40% drop-off. Trinsic allows businesses to augment identity verification with identity acceptance, enabling users who already possess a digital ID to seamlessly prove themselves in less than 10 seconds.

Identity acceptance is now possible due to increased adoption of reusable identity wallets provided by world-class identity verification providers, state-issued mobile driver’s licenses, eIDAS-compliant eIDs in Europe, and BankIDs. CLEAR, IDVerse, Yoti, Airside, an Entrust Company, and Dentity are among the innovators whose reusable digital IDs are available through this network. Other reusable IDs that will be available through Trinsic include Argos, Parallel Markets, SmartID, MobileID, Freja, MojeID, Handy Signatur, iDIN, eParaksts, Trust Stamp and Truid.

Demo of the Acceptance Network

In this video, Riley Hughes shows a demo of Trinsic’s identity acceptance network. Providing the same result as an identity verification, with significantly lower friction, Riley first verifies with his Yoti Digital ID. Then, he shows what it would look like to verify with a reusable ID from another partner secured by passkeys. 


With 100+ digital ID networks live around the world, the complexity and fragmentation grow every month. Businesses that need to verify identities are adopting Trinsic’s solution to seamlessly accept pre-verified, KYC-grade identities from dozens of identity networks around the world with one simple integration.

"Despite hundreds of millions of people having a reusable ID, the fragmented nature of the market means that the practical utility for businesses has been severely limited. Until now.”

Trinsic’s solution is underscored by a deep commitment to privacy, data protection, interoperability, and user control. New identities created in the network are end-to-end encrypted with all personal information stored as a standardized, W3C Verifiable Credential. To learn more visit

To incorporate Trinsic’s identity acceptance solution or for more details on partnership opportunities, please reach out to Riley Hughes, CEO of Trinsic at

About Trinsic

Trinsic is the first identity acceptance network. We augment identity verification with acceptance of 60 million pre-verified users. In 2022 Trinsic raised an $8.5 million seed round led by Georgian alongside Osage Venture Partners, Kickstart Seed Fund and notable angel investors from the identity space. To explore how your business can experience the benefits of reusable ID, visit

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