An Introduction to the Trinsic Wallet

Trinsic Wallet

Note: This post refers to Trinsic’s version 1 platform and wallet application. While the details mentioned below are still accurate, new Trinsic users should refer to Identity Wallets in Trinsic Ecosystems to learn more about how we’re approaching wallets in our next generation platform


The Trinsic Wallet is a self-sovereign identity (SSI) digital wallet. People use it to receive, store, and share digital credentials. The Trinsic Wallet was the first SSI digital wallet to prove interoperability and has become one of the most-used SSI wallets globally. Not only is the wallet easy-to-use for end users, but it is extremely functional for developers who are interacting directly with the Trinsic platform since it works seamlessly with Trinsic’s APIs and Trinsic Studio. The following is a brief overview of what the Trinsic Wallet can do and how your organization can take advantage of it.

Collect credentials

We all carry around a leather wallet that carries cards inside. The Trinsic Wallet does that same thing for digital cards. These digital cards, or “credentials” could be a passport, driver’s license, health insurance card, etc. But the Trinsic Wallet can store more than just the “digital versions” of the cards in your leather wallet. It can store any kind of personal data in the form of a digital credential. For example, the Trinsic Wallet could carry login credentials, vaccination and test result credentials, licensing credentials, supply chain certifications, and more. These credentials are stored on the device, so no one but the end user has access to them—not even Trinsic as the wallet provider. To learn more about these “verifiable credentials”, check out this blog or refer to our documentation.

Trinsic Wallet credentials screen

Share credentials

Continuing with the leather wallet analogy, the reason people carry around wallets is so they can use the contents inside them. Usually the contents of our wallet are used to prove things about ourselves to access goods and services. The Trinsic Wallet enables end users to do the same thing, but the process is paperless and more secure for all parties involved.

When an organization requests information from an end user, the end user can decide whether to accept or reject the request. If the request is accepted, the wallet will find the relevant data from all of their credentials that is needed to fulfill the request. This means only the information that is needed is shared with the organization and nothing more. For example, the end user might share their birth date from their driver’s license but not their driver’s license number or address. The end user has full control over what kind of information they share and with whom. Best of all, the information that is shared can be instantly authenticated.

Trinsic Waller credential sharing and messaging

Connect with others

Finally, the wallet enables end users “to connect” with others. Connections are super-private, securely-encrypted communication channels used between two parties. You can share credentials and messages through this channel with a high degree of trust. Connections are super helpful when parties need to interact frequently, but if the relationship isn’t long-term, connectionless credential exchange is sometimes a faster, more convenient way to interact.

Trinsic Wallet scan QR code screen
Trinsic Wallet connections screen

Unique advantages

The Trinsic Wallet has some advantages that make it unique from some of the other digital wallets out there.

  • Based on interoperable, open standards: This gives end users the capability to seamlessly receive and share credentials with any organization that is also using community-driven SSI standards for verifiable credential exchange (i.e., the organizations do not have to be using the Trinsic platform to issue credentials to or request information from the Trinsic Wallet). In fact, the Trinsic Wallet was the first mobile app that met the Aries interoperability profile.
  • No vendor lock-in: Just like people can change out their leather wallet for a new one whenever they want, the same can be done with the Trinsic Wallet. End users can easily export their credentials from the Trinsic Wallet and import them into another Aries-based digital wallet that supports import/export functionality.
  • Free: It is free to download and immediately use for iOS and Android.

White label the Trinsic Wallet

Many of our customers white label the Trinsic Wallet. That way, organizations immediately get the full functionality and UI of an SSI digital wallet but with their branding on it. If you are interested in white labeling the wallet, contact our team! For our other wallet offerings, like the Mobile Starter Kit or the Mobile SDK, check out this blog.

Download the Trinsic Wallet

The best way to get to know how the Trinsic Wallet works (especially in conjunction with Trinsic Studio) is to go through our tutorial on our documentation site. You’ll want to download the wallet and make a free Trinsic Studio account before doing so. Download the Trinsic Wallet below, and sign up for a free Trinsic Studio account here.

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