Building a Web3 Decentralized Identity Ecosystem

Dentity uses Trinsic to power its decentralized identity and verifiable credential platform.


It’s no secret that our interactions are becoming increasingly digital. In order to establish trust online, consumers must divulge their identity data to businesses, losing ownership—or control—of it in the process. With their personal information being stored in more places than ever before, consumers continually face security and privacy threats. When it comes to how digital identity and verification should work, Dentity believes there is a better way.

Dentity is a platform that enables consumers and businesses to more easily and safely share their identity data. By utilizing Web3 and decentralized technologies, Dentity enables consumers to build online trust, protect their privacy, and own their digital identity. The company enables businesses to issue and verify verifiable credentials, increase consumer privacy, and attract and retain customers.

The problem

Jeffrey Schwartz, Co-founder and CEO of Dentity, got involved in the identity space because of a problem he ran into time-and-time again while working in the auto industry. When doing peer-to-peer auto sales, Jeffrey noticed it was extremely difficult to know if a buyer on the internet was real or not. He realized this problem was not just in the auto industry, but it was inherent in all digital, peer-to-peer interactions—whether that was selling cars, online dating, or selling goods on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. There wasn’t a free, easy-to-use way for consumers to share identity data, have someone verify that information, and do it all in a privacy-preserving way.

So Jeffrey co-founded Dentity with his partner, Matthew Schwartz. Dentity began as an identity resolution engine, making it easy for consumers to share and verify personal identity information. However, the Dentity team quickly realized that consumers not only needed the process to be easy, but they also needed it to be secure and privacy-preserving. As the team learned more about Web3 technologies, they knew their platform needed to incorporate digital identity wallets and verifiable credentials, so consumers would be guaranteed the security and privacy they were looking for when sharing their personal information.

Dentity needed to find the right technology partner to provide the underlying infrastructure for what would become its decentralized identity and verifiable credentials platform.

“Verifiable credentials seem to be the best route to start to give consumers the autonomy to build their identity attribute profiles and allow them to share those with companies in a privacy-protected way. The control has to be in the consumers’ hands.”

Jeffrey Schwartz, Co-founder & CEO, Dentity

The solution

After considering all the major vendors in the decentralized identity space, as well as the option of building themselves, Dentity picked Trinsic as its trusted partner to build the decentralized identity infrastructure it needed for its platform. Trinsic provides the flexibility, scalability, and stability they were seeking.

Dentity uses Trinsic to power its no-code solution that businesses use to issue and verify verifiable credentials as well as to create the digital wallets which consumers use to store those credentials in. Dentity is not interested in being the issuer of credentials. Instead, Dentity acts as the trusted network provider—or ecosystem provider—within which all participants can exchange verified data.

From financial services to peer-to-peer marketplaces to major trade associations, the number and variety of businesses and consumers that use Dentity continues to grow. Below is a demo of how businesses and consumers use Dentity’s decentralized identity and verifiable credentials platform.

Dentity uses Trinsic to provide decentralized identity infrastructure for its entire ecosystem.

“It’s such a complicated space and every other vendor has not made it easier to understand, until we found Trinsic. If anyone were to build a new identity product, I would recommend Trinsic because of how easy they make it to understand and how easy it is to use.”

Matthew Schwartz, Co-founder & Director of Marketing, Dentity

Learn more

If you are interested in learning more about how Dentity can improve the way identity data is exchanged between you and your consumers, sign up for a free Dentity account or contact the team. The Dentity OpenID Connect (OIDC) app, which allows businesses to verify verifiable credentials held by Dentity users, is now available as an integration in the Auth0 Marketplace.

“We feel like we were able to take all the tools provided from Trinsic and build our product. And not only was it super easy to build—because you make it super clear and easy—but we could also make it totally our own.”

Matthew Schwartz, Co-founder & Director of Marketing, Dentity