Trinsic Launches Reusable Identity Powered by Verifiable Credentials and Passkeys

Trinsic Launches Reusable Identity Powered by Verifiable Credentials and Passkeys

SALT LAKE CITY: Dec. 13, 2023 – Trinsic, a market-leading reusable identity platform, launches its newest product, Trinsic Connect, a one-click identity verification solution utilizing verifiable credentials, digital wallets, and passkeys. Applications can now instantly verify and onboard new users through Trinsic’s reusable identity network.

According to leading analysts at Liminal, the market for reusable identity will reach $266.5B by 2027. The recent rise of AI-generated media, age verification, and trust and safety online are all driving the need for better forms of digital identity. Today, users repeatedly photograph physical identity documents in order to prove who they are throughout the digital world. With Trinsic Connect, after users verify once, they can easily reuse that verification in the future. This turns identity verification from a minutes-long ordeal with document scans into one click, greatly boosting participation and conversion..

Use Cases for Verified Identity

Trinsic Connect’s one-click verification is optimized for use cases when a business needs trusted data, but is hesitant to introduce friction into the user experience. For example:

  • Verified profile: Marketplaces, content platforms, and social apps use Trinsic to authenticate a user’s listed name matches the name printed on a government-issued ID.
  • Wallet onboarding: Digital wallet apps use Trinsic to ensure wallets are provisioned to the right user.
  • Proof of age: Websites seeking to comply with age verification regulations use Trinsic to ensure users exceed an age threshold in a privacy-preserving manner.

Passkeys for Secure Storage in Digital Wallets

Trinsic’s innovative use of passkeys solves the problem of key management for users, giving them a strong, biometric-authentication that also encrypts their data. By using App Clips on iOS and Instant Apps on Android, Trinsic Connect allows users to create a persistent identity across a network of applications without first requiring an app-download.

“Passkeys enable reusable identity to be both frictionless and secure. Consumers can now manage their own keys and use their credentials seamlessly without needing to download clunky mobile apps or repeatedly scan QR codes.”

Demo: Reusing a Verified Identity Credential with a Passkey

In this video, the user visits PearBnB and is prompted to verify their identity in order to onboard to the platform. After inputting a phone number, Trinsic Connect knows the user has been verified before, and displays the App Clip on iOS prompting them to sign in using a passkey. After completing the Face ID, the user is presented with a screen outlining what identity information has been requested by PearBnB. Once they review the information and choose to share it, the user is verified and able to join the platform. 

A Standards-based Approach to Verified Identity

Utilizing standards like decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs), Trinsic creates a privacy-preserving identity where users can prove things about themselves without needing to “phone home” to the issuer of the data. Businesses that wish to use Trinsic Connect can gain access to hundreds of thousands of currently verified users plus upcoming integrations with government eID schemes. To learn more about Trinsic Connect or to get started integrating it into your application, contact our team

About Trinsic

Trinsic is the leading infrastructure for building reusable identity products. In 2022 Trinsic raised an $8.5 million seed round led by Georgian alongside Osage Venture Partners, Kickstart Seed Fund and notable angel investors from the identity space. To explore how Trinsic can enable reusable identity in your applications visit

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