On Company Culture & Trinsineers

It’s hard to overstate the importance of an organization’s culture. Culture is an organization’s instinct; it determines what an organization will do in response to a given situation.

stimulus + culture = behavior











Startups can be likened to other kinds of difficult journeys. There are obstacles and challenges along the way to a worthwhile outcome. Some kinds of journeys are challenging but predictable. Others are uncharted and require creativity and resilience to succeed.

Mountaineers embark on a journey to reach new heights; some of which are death-defyingly dangerous or require tactful execution to succeed. Many difficult mountaineering journeys are impossible to accomplish solo; they require a team of sophisticated and trusted allies to accompany.



  1. Contemporary thinkers have made the distinction not as owner vs renter, but as missionary vs mercenary. But the principle is as old as the Bible’s passage about “shepherds vs hirelings“.

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