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Note: This is Trinsic’s pricing for its v1 platform which will be deprecated in September 2023.
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Free plan


  • 50 credential exchanges per month
Build a proof-of-concept in minutes. Prototype your app 4x faster with support from hundreds in our developer community.
Core plan

starting at $18 per month

  • Starts at 100 credential exchanges/month
Scale with the most-loved developer platform for verifiable credentials. Move fast with beta feature access and dedicated support.
Ecosystems PLan


  • 1,000,000+ credential exchanges/month
Launch a trust ecosystem in minutes with governance-as-code, interoperability features, and enterprise-class infastructure.

For a complete list of the features included in each plan, see the feature table below.

Are you a nonprofit or other company using decentralized identity for good? See if you qualify for special ID for Good pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Credential exchange is when an organization issues or verifies a credential. It is “exchanged” when it goes from one party to another. For example, when an issuer sends a credential to a person’s wallet, or when someone verifies a credential from someone’s wallet.

Our pricing aligns our interests with yours so that we only make money if you get value from our product. We grow with you as you scale, so you never overpay. One developer said it well when he said, “It’s impossible for me to lose money!”

That depends on your use case. How many credentials will you issue? How many will you verify? If you’d like to talk with our team about your use case or about volume discounting, go ahead and contact us! If you’d prefer not to talk to another human, we recommend starting with a low-cost plan and upgrading from there.

First off, congrats on getting more usage than you expected! We definitely don’t want to discourage that. So we’ve made it easy for you—we just automatically upgrade your account to the next subscription level. You’ll be billed at the new subscription level the following month. If you don’t want us to automatically upgrade you, you can opt out in your account settings.

Yes! You can easily opt out of automatic upgrades in your account settings. Along with this, you’ll also have a usage limit. So if you opt out of automatic upgrades, your usage will be restricted when you reach your limit.

Our pricing is as transparent as possible! That said, you should be aware that third-party networks (like Sovrin) have a business model of their own. Sovrin MainNet charges people for new organizations (issuer DID), schemas, and credential definitions (credential templates). We’ll take care of Sovrin’s invoice and bill your credit card for the amount.

Trinsic Core is our API for digital trust infrastructure. Core enables the exchange of digital credentials (specifically verifiable credentials) between organizations and individuals. Trinsic Ecosystems is built on top of Core and is an enterprise-grade product for building digital trust ecosystems. Ecosystems has all of the tools needed to programmatically enforce the rules of a digital trust ecosystem and easily onboard all participants (organizations and individuals).

The Free Plan gets you started with Core with enough access to build a proof-of-concept.

Trinsic is ledger-agnostic, so we’ll support networks as they are production-ready and support the privacy requirements we believe in for verifiable credentials. Sovrin is production-ready and available, so it was the first network we supported. However, as other production-grade networks emerge, we’ll support them, too. Stay tuned!

Cloud wallets are verifiable credential wallets stored in the cloud. They’re performant because they handle the key management and cryptographic libraries on powerful computers in the cloud. But the hosting key management and compute resources are costly, which is why we charge for cloud wallets.

Organizations are special wallets capable of issuing or verifying credentials. Typically they’re owned by an organization instead of an individual. Like cloud wallets, hosting organizations in the cloud is costly, which is why we charge for them.

Some of our users need very few credential exchanges but many cloud wallets. Others need a smaller number of high-value credentials or even a large number of low-value credentials. We’re happy to talk about your custom needs and design a plan for you—drop us a line!

Full feature breakdown

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Feature table
Wallet features
Issue and receive verifiable credentialsyesyesyes
Generate and verify verifiable presentationsyesyesyes
Zero-knowledge proof supportyesyesyes
Secure messagingyesyesyes
Custodial walletsyesyesyes
Revocation support-yesyes
Hybrid cloud wallet--yes
Offline verifications--yes
Studio features
Create credential templatesyesyesyes
Create verification policiesyesyesyes
Onboard individualsyesyesyes
Onboard issuers and verifiersyesyesyes
Customize credential branding-yesyes
Rich data types (images, dates, media)--yes
SDK languages
Javascript - Webyesyesyes
Javascript - Browser--yes
Objective C - iOS--yes
Java/Kotlin - Android--yes
Java/Kotlin - Server--yes
Platform features
Organization limit31,000no limit
Active cloud wallet limit1010,000no limit
Global selection of test networksyesyesyes
Local or custom networksyesyesyes
Sovrin MainNet (production)-yesyes
Billing via invoice-yesyes
HIPAA compliance-yesyes
White label Trinsic APIs--yes
White label Trinsic Studio--yes
Trust registry--yes
Fixed price billing--yes
Deep volume discounts--yes
Integration & automation
Connectionless credential exchangeyesyesyes
QR-based workflowsyesyesyes
Notification webhooksyesyesyes
Deep linking to Trinsic Walletyesyesyes
Integrate with 2,000+ other apps-yesyes
Custom analytics--yes
Understandable documentationyesyesyes
Active developer community and discussion boardyesyesyes
Email supportbasicenhancedpriority
Concierge onboarding-add-onyes
Dedicated support chat channel-yesyes
Custom support options--yes
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