Trinsic Launches Identity For Good in Response to Ukraine Crisis

Since an unprovoked Putin shocked the world by launching Europe’s largest military conflict since WWII into Ukraine, some 2,000,000 individuals have fled their homes in search of safety in a span of less than one week. While the world is–unfortunately–no stranger to refugees, the scale and velocity of the exodus has been unprecedented.


Many of these Ukrainians now join in the challenges faced by refugees all over the world, one of which is proving who they are. Whether it’s a doctor unable to prove their credentials, a graduate unable to prove their degree, or even families unable to prove their relationships; critical services and opportunities become that much harder to access as an individual seeking asylum.


The problem is regrettably not only faced by refugees, but more than 1 billion other people around the world without access to trustworthy forms of identification. Trinsic’s mission has always been “to make the world more accessible.” Today we are launching Identity for Good, which is focused on enabling solutions that will address these problems.



Identity for Good

Trinsic is partnering with companies building ID products for underserved populations. Through Identity for Good (ID4G), participating partners will receive access to Trinsic’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, enabling them to build their ID products quickly, safely, and compliantly. Specifically, ID4G partners can look forward to:


  • $100k Trinsic platform credit for 1 year*
  • 25% discount on Trinsic platform costs in perpetuity*
  • Support in amplifying your message and impact


*applies only to ID for Good use cases


Join ID for Good

We will accept new ID for Good partners based on the magnitude of impact, as capacity allows. If you’re building an identity wallet for Ukrainian refugees, or are using digital identity to empower other marginalized people, please fill out this form to apply. There are endless possibilities to make the world more accessible to people by providing better identity products–we hope you’ll join us in building this future. 

Anna Johnson

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