Trinsic Updates the Wallet API and Adds React Native and Flutter Support

We’ve released the latest version of the Trinsic SDK—version 1.11.0. In this release, we’ve made two important product updates that make building with Trinsic easier and more accessible. The updates include:   Deprecating the Account API (potential for breaking changes) Adding React Native & Flutter support Below, we’ll dive deeper into these improvements and discuss […]

Trinsic SDK Update – Version 1.9.0

We recently released the newest version of the Trinsic SDK—version 1.9.0. This version comes with some new features and enhancements, including the ability to add file attachments in credentials, a new endpoint for wallet deletion, the ability to upgrade DIDs to did:sov and did:indy, and more.   Below, we list out the product updates in […]