Streamline compliance and transparency in your supply chain

Verifiable credentials break down barriers and unlock new possibilities in global supply chains.

Companies improving their supply chains with Trinsic

The problem

Supply chains in all industries are getting more complex. At the same time, consumers are demanding more transparency. Issues down the supply chain can affect your brand, and being proactive about transparency can strengthen consumer trust.

The solution​

Verifiable credentials are like digital certificates that contain verifiably authentic, tamper-proof data. They act as a single source of truth to everyone in an ecosystem. This means streamlined paper workflows, instant onboarding of new suppliers, and improved transparency into the supply chain.

“I think Trinsic has the most approachable user platform for devs to engage with, easy to work with API solutions, and the most transparency. I always consider other options but still gravitate toward Trinsic.”
Chris Raczkowski
Paramount Software Solutions, Inc. (Bluenumber implementation partner)

The benefits


Trinsic’s technology is powered by standards, meaning you’ll be interoperable with solutions developed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Workday, and more.

Safety and control

Ensure sensitive data is never shared with fraudulent or coercive relying parties.

The benefits

Privacy by design

Data is never shared without the consent of the individual. Advanced privacy techniques make tracking and surveillance extremely difficult.

Seamless integration

We’re dedicated to providing the simplest APIs & the clearest documentation. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to integrate.

Looking for a demo?

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