Identity verification

'One-click' identity verification

Trinsic’s platform offers reusable identity verification as a service

The problem

Companies are losing potential customers because they require every new user to verify with a document scan and selfie.

The solution​

Trinsic connects users to their past verifications, enabling companies to avoid the cost and friction of re-verifying them from scratch again.

With Trinsic, users bring their own verified identity

The benefits

Reduce friction and increase conversion

With Trinsic, platforms can verify users with ‘one-click’, allowing users to skip the process of completing a document scan and selfie every time they begin a new onboarding process.

Benefit from potential cost savings

By using Trinsic, platforms avoid having to verify every new user from scratch and instead use users’ trusted verifications performed when onboarding to other platforms. However, if the user doesn’t have a past verification in the network, Trinsic is equipped to perform the necessary identity verification checks.

Future-proof your identity verification process

With mobile driver’s license initiatives and digital wallets becoming more prevalent, consumers will have digital-native, government identity documents. Staying up to date with the latest standards is a full time job, but by using Trinsic you have interoperability with widely adopted government standards right away.

Trinsic's identity verification confirm information mobile screen
Trinsic's identity verification document screening

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Trinsic for your identity verification process.

When platforms use Trinsic for their identity verification process, they: 

  1. Reduce friction in their onboarding process
  2. Save money not needing to verify every user from scratch
  3. Future-proof their identity verification process

For a more in-depth explanation, of each of these items, read our blog post “insert title and link”.

Trinsic has years of experience crafting an amazing user experience when it comes to consumer-facing, reusable identity products. Additionally, Trinsic’s platform is based on open standards, ensuring your platform is interoperable with widely adopted government standards right away.

Trinsic connects with a network of identity verification providers. If a user has been verified before in the network, they are presented with past verifications to use to seamlessly onboard to new applications.

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