How Yoma uses Trinsic to help African youth build digital CVs

Using Trinsic, Yoma has empowered African youth with the ability to create a verifiable digital CV to access better employment opportunities.


Yoma is a marketplace between African youth looking for employment and organizations that are looking to employ people. Yoma is supported by a group of collaborators including UNICEF. The Yoma team identified that young Africans need better access to high-quality opportunities in the employment space. Too often, African youth lack access to meaningful learning and job opportunities.

To close this opportunity gap, Yoma brings together opportunity partners, youth, and employment partners on its “learning and earning” marketplace.

The problem

Yoma quickly realized it needed a seamless way to implement verifiable data sharing infrastructure in its platform. Not only did Yoma need the youth to be able to easily share their skills and education with employment partners, but Yoma needed the employment partners to be able to instantly verify that information. And to top it off, it was essential that the youth had complete control of what information they shared and with whom.

The answer was clear cut—Yoma needed to implement verifiable credentials. They determined that building their own verifiable data infrastructure would be too costly and time-consuming. The Yoma team needed a solution they could implement quickly with relative ease while gaining a technology partner that would support them along the way.

“We could have built the platform using web2 technologies, but we would have lost out completely on the principle of agency. That is why we chose to go with verifiable credentials because it ticked one of our boxes when it comes to the principles and the vision that we want to implement with Yoma. Verifiable credentials is a beautiful set of technology that allows people and organizations to get the data in a verifiable form that still respects agency.”
Lohan Spies
Technical Lead, Yoma

The solution​

Yoma was able to quickly integrate with Trinsic’s API and get all of the verifiable data sharing capabilities its ecosystem needed. After integration, which took a total of three weeks, the underlying Trinsic platform enabled the youth on Yoma to begin building up a verifiable digital CV that they could share with employers. And the youth have complete control over what information they share from their digital CV and with whom. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Once the youth have completed an opportunity partner’s challenge or course, they are given a verifiable credential that they can add to their digital CV.
  2. When the youth have identified employment opportunities that they would like to apply for, they can share their digital CV at a click of a button with the employment partners.
  3. The employment partners can instantly verify the legitimacy of the digital CVs they receive from the youth.

Apart from providing its simple-to-use API for verifiable credential exchange, Trinsic stood apart as the ideal partner for Yoma because Trinsic gave Yoma the capability to create custodial wallets through the Trinsic Wallet API. Custodial wallets are useful for use cases where a particular organization manages the wallet on behalf of an individual (and uses its own authentication to authenticate the person to the correct wallet). Yoma needed the ability to create custodial wallets for it users because many of its youth do not have access to a mobile device or data, and Trinsic was one of the only vendors that offered a custodian wallet solution.

"Trinsic provides a very simple, understandable REST API that developers are familiar with to get your self-sovereign identity (SSI) spec implemented without needing to necessarily know the complexities of SSI. Once we had the Trinsic API, the integration took less than a month. It was like three weeks."
Lohan Spies
Technical Lead, Yoma

The results

Looking forward

With the success Yoma has seen thus far, it is in the process of onboarding more opportunity and employment partners who are interested in having instant access to their network of youth. Trinsic’s infrastructure makes it possible for Yoma to continue to scale their platform to potentially millions of users. Interested in joining the Yoma ecosystem? Visit Yoma’s website to learn how to register your organization.

"Apart from providing the API, what Trinsic also provides Yoma is just being a great partner. Trinsic has walked on the journey with us. We needed a partner that understood what we were doing and was able to adapt and change their requirements."
Lohan Spies
Technical Lead, Yoma