You bring the vision. We provide the infrastructure.

It’s never been easier to build a decentralized identity product for your ecosystem, industry, vertical, or marketplace.

Build an IDtech product in a few simple steps

You’ve identified an opportunity to improve a digital identity experience, and you want to build an IDtech product to do just that. Make your vision a reality with Trinsic.

Step 1
Set up your ecosystem
Onboard participants to your ecosystem. Assign their roles and the verifiable credentials they are allowed to issue and verify.
Step 1
Step 2
Build an identity wallet for end users
Make it easy for end users to store and share verifiable credentials by embedding identity wallet capabilities into your existing app using the Trinsic SDK. Need a white-label wallet solution? Reach out to our team.
Step 2
Step 3
Build issuer & verifier tooling
Make it easy for organizations to issue and verify credentials. Whether you white label Trinsic’s issuer and verifier dashboards or build your own with the Trinsic SDK, we do everything we can to make integration a breeze.
Step 3
Step 4
Launch and scale with ease
Launch your IDtech product and grow your ecosystem with the assurance that Trinsic’s infrastructure is built for enterprise scaling and speed.
Step 4

Speed up your time to market with a complete decentralized identity toolkit

Trinsic’s SDKs and documentation provide the tools you need to bring your IDtech product to life.


Create cloud-hosted identity wallets that preserve your end-users’ privacy without compromising on convenience.


Enable the secure exchange of verifiable data through standardized, digital credentials.


Publish reusable credential templates that are interoperable between different ecosystems.


Establish the rules of your ecosystem, including who can issue and verify credentials.


Onboard your ecosystem participants without requiring them to do any setup or integrations themselves.

Trinsic makes it easy to build your IDtech product, no matter the use case or vertical

Membership credentials

“It’s such a complicated space and every other vendor has not made it easier to understand, until we found Trinsic.”

Partner with a platform that is designed for your success

Ease of use

We obsess over making the Trinsic API as easy-to-use as possible, and provide developers robust documentation, tutorials, and dashboards to shorten the time-to-build.

Underlying technology

As the self-sovereign identity space grows, there is a proliferation of verifiable credential implementations, cryptographic suites, and DID methods. Our platform supports a wide range, allowing you to choose what is best for your use case rather than locking yourself in.

Technical performance

Trinsic has invested years of person-hours in making decentralized identity scalable and performant, so you don’t have to.

Commitment to open standards

By partnering with Trinsic, you are future-proofing your product to be interoperable with all other products that are based on the latest open standards for self-sovereign identity.