The Future of Identity Wallets with Trinsic

New updates to the Trinsic platform give developers more flexibility in how to deploy identity wallets into new and existing applications. Our goal is to power a world where millions of verifiable credentials are exchanged every day, and we believe that delivering great wallet experiences is the best way to further adoption of identity technology. This post will explore the benefits of how we handle wallets and how they make accessing a wallet easier than ever.

Friction-less Access to Credentials

Many identity wallets require users to download a new generic wallet app, set up accounts/biometrics/backups, manage a seed phrase, even scan a driver’s license—only to send the user through a maze of QR code scanning to receive and share credentials. After years of watching these deployments—including Trinsic’s wallet app—we learned that these approaches are great for demonstrations but consistently lead to very low adoption, and therefore lackluster business results.

We took our years of experience with both our own products and those of our customers and created the most adoptable digital wallet infrastructure we could. With Trinsic’s recent updates, now users can access decentralized identity wallets as easily as they can access any other product or service they’re used to. Wallets can be embedded in existing applications, use a familiar authentication method, and be custom-branded by you.

Why This Matters for Product Builders

  • Users can easily access their identity wallets
  • No drop off in onboarding by eliminating app download requirements
  • No learning hurdle by using familiar login methods
  • Pre-populate wallet with credentials so users can immediately gain value (see our post about issuing credentials from database for an example on how this works)
  • Cohesive brand experience within your application

Bring Your Own Login to a Wallet

Any company can give wallets to their existing users no matter how they’re identified within your system. Trinsic now supports email, SMS, and any OIDC compliant identity provider as user-controlled identifiers for accessing wallets. For organizations onboarding an existing user-base, you can create wallets and give people verifiable credentials with just a few lines of code.

Log in with SMS Twilio Integration

For build or launch ecosystems, your users can now log into their identity wallets with a one-time passcode to their phone number. SMS login can be configured in your Dashboard, under Settings > Authentication. This is the first of many potential integrations Trinsic offers to make accessing a wallet easier than ever. For a full walk through about setting up the Twilio integration, please refer to the tutorial.

Integrating an External OIDC Provider

Our new login flow can now support logging in with any OIDC compliant provider. If you have an existing implementation of Auth0, Okta, or others, your users can now authenticate into their identity wallet with their existing login. This feature is configurable for launch ecosystems with Trinsic, so if you’re interested in setting this up, please contact us.

Shared Wallets Between Users

Multiple users can now share a single identity wallet. Say a married couple might both need access to credentials related to a house they own, or business partners can now both access verified documents in a single wallet for the company they co-own. This allows IDtech builders to accommodate more complex use cases where an arbitrary number of parties may have shared access to verifiable credentials, without forcing users to share passwords.

Zero Onboarding Identity Wallets

Just like wallets-as-a-service providers like Magic and Privy has helped drive significant adoption of web3 tokens, Trinsic’s wallet infrastructure follows a similar paradigm. Users can easily access their credentials with a familiar login method, while retaining the ability to export a credential to a third party wallet if they choose. This means you get both a frictionless onboarding experience and the option for user control for those who want it.  


Trinsic is building for a future where there are billions of verifiable credentials in the world, and users are exchanging them every day. No one needs another username and password, so you can now create wallets attached to existing accounts and user profiles. You can get verifiable credentials in the hands of users in a matter of minutes. To learn more and sign up, visit to create your ecosystem.

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