Trinsic Core

Infrastructure for digital trust

APIs for exchanging verifiable data

Trinsic Core is our set of lightweight APIs for sending verifiable data between digital identity wallets. Core gives people and organizations the ability to easily and securely prove things about themselves with digital credentials.

Issue credentials

Trinsic Core enables organizations with the ability to give their customers digital credentials that contain verifiable data.

Share credentials

The credentials are securely stored in the customers' digital wallets. Customers can easily share their credentials with anyone they want at a touch or click of a button.

Verify credentials

Relying parties can instantly verify the data contained within the credentials without having to "phone home" to the original issuing entity.

More than 1,000 developers and organizations use Trinsic Core for digital trust infrastructure.


We strive to build the easiest-to-use APIs and SDKs, so developers can implement digital trust into their solutions quickly.

Getting started

Not only is Trinsic Core easy to use, but we provide clear and robust documentation, demos, reference apps, and more to get you started.

Enterprise scalability

Trinsic can support hundreds of millions of verifications per day. That’s orders of magnitudes more scalable than other options.


Our platform supports a wide range of digital trust protocols and standards, allowing you to choose what is best for your use case rather than locking yourself in.

Core technology stacks

As of November 1st, 2022 all new Trinsic users will be onboarded to the v2 platform. If you are a returning user looking for the v1 studio, you can access it with the button below. 

Trinsic Core v1

The original Trinsic API tech stack, Trinsic Core v1 includes JSON credentials, CL signatures, Hyperledger Aries exchange protocols, and DIDComm v1. This tech stack is in production and supports some of the largest digital credential implementations in the world.

Trinsic Core v2

Trinsic Core v2 includes JSON-LD credentials, BBS+ signatures, Presentation exchange, and DIDComm v2. This tech stack is now live and being used in production by several providers. 

Built by developers, for developers

Consistently regarded as the easiest product in its class to get started with,
Trinsic Core balances abstractions and ease of use with extensibility and
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Easily manage your integrations

Trinsic Studio is a general-purpose dashboard for interacting with all of Trinsic’s products. From the Studio, developers can manage their interactions with Trinsic Core and build proof-of-concepts. The Studio can also be white-labeled, so our customers can have their branding on the dashboards they use.