10 Predictions for IDtech in 2024

10 Predictions for IDtech in 2024 The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on where we are and speculate about where we’re going. As I’ve spent time pondering these questions, I thought it’d be fun to document some specific predictions about 2024. I do not have any special information […]

Feature: Trinsic Prize Winners from the Decentralized Identity Foundation Hackathon

Trinsic Prize Winners from the Decentralized Identity Foundation Hackathon Trinsic sponsored the Decentralized Identity Foundation’s hackathon running from October 26, 2023 – December 3, 2023. Our goal was to encourage developers to think creatively about how to give users more control of their data using verifiable credentials. To kick off the hackathon our Head of […]

Trinsic Launches Reusable Identity Powered by Verifiable Credentials and Passkeys

Trinsic Launches Reusable Identity Powered by Verifiable Credentials and Passkeys SALT LAKE CITY: Dec. 13, 2023 – Trinsic, a market-leading reusable identity platform, launches its newest product, Trinsic Connect, a one-click identity verification solution utilizing verifiable credentials, digital wallets, and passkeys. Applications can now instantly verify and onboard new users through Trinsic’s reusable identity network. […]

Zero Knowledge Proofs in the Trinsic Platform with BBS Signatures

Header graphic with the words: Zero knowledge proofs in the Trinsic platform with BBS signatures

Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs It’s no secret that zero-knowledge proofs are one of the biggest buzzwords in technology right now. With constant hacks and user data leaks, innovations that can enhance our privacy without hindering user experience are desirable. The idea behind zero knowledge proofs is that you can prove a statement is true […]

Supercharging the IDtech Category: Trinsic’s Vision for the Future

A yearly update from Trinsic’s CEO on the decentralized identity market and where Trinsic is heading next It’s been about a year since our funding announcement and we’re excited to share what we’re seeing in the decentralized identity market and how it has influenced our product direction going forward. Brief history of Trinsic In 2017, […]

A New Trinsic Platform Walkthrough

New to Trinsic and looking for a quick way to learn how it all works? We got you covered with a full technical walkthrough of the Trinsic platform, courtesy of Trinsic’s co-founder and CTO Tomislav Markovski. This walkthrough was originally presented at did:hack 2023 and is a great tool to learn the fundamental capabilities of […]

Issuing W3C Verifiable Credentials From a SQLite Database

This post is a technical guide on how to connect a database to a W3C verifiable credential issuance workflow with the Trinsic SDK. Many existing companies who build IDtech products look for a way to get user data from a database into a verifiable credential format. Since we’re still early in verifiable credential adoption, tactics […]

Trinsic’s Interactive API Experience Using Postman and Buf Studio

In this blog post, we’ll walk through how to have an interactive experience with the Trinsic API. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to experiment quicker, experience our API’s functionality, and understand how Trinsic Ecosystem works without having to setup any project environment. We’ll teach you how to use two different tools—Postman and […]

What Is IDtech and Why Does It Matter?


You may have noticed that Trinsic is using the term “IDtech” these days. This post compiles a growing list of pieces we’ve published to illustrate what we mean by IDtech, why it’s important, and how it relates to other terms used in the decentralized identity world. IDtech Is the New Fintech Article in Forbes Link […]