Blockchain Is the Least Interesting Thing About Self-Sovereign Identity

This blog post was originally posted on Riley Hughes’s (Co-founder & CEO of Trinsic) personal Medium blog. Blockchain is the least interesting thing about self-sovereign identity (SSI), and yet proponents and naysayers both spend too much time talking about it. Given the interest blockchain has garnered over the last several years, claiming other things are more interesting […]

Digital Inclusion & COVID-19: Leaving No One Behind

We’ve heard the phrase “the world is going digital” time and time again. And it’s true! We can access our bank account on our phone. We can meet with a doctor through a video call. And due to COVID-19, many of us find ourselves in a living room instead of a conference room for work meetings.   […]

What Is Self-Sovereign Identity?

what is self-sovereign identity

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a movement that claims digital identity should be just as legitimate and nuanced as a person’s human identity, while being accessible to all, privacy-preserving, and not reliant on a single government or corporation.   Many have given their thoughts about this movement. Some have called it the next trillion-dollar market, while […]