Passkeys, did:web, Ed25519, Wallet Integrations, CHAPI, and More — Recent Product Updates

The past month has been full of product updates and improvements. This blog post will introduce new features like support for passkeys, did:web, Ed25519 signatures, wallet pass integrations and a number of exciting experiments happening in the Trinsic Labs. Passkeys for wallet authentication We’ve added support for passkeys within our wallet infrastructure. Providers can now […]

Trinsic White Label Wallet — The Fastest Way to Build with Verifiable Credentials

Image of Trinsic;s white label identity wallet and issuer portal on a laptop and phone screen

Trinsic just released the fastest way to start building with verifiable credentials. Create an account in the Trinsic Dashboard, add your custom branding, and we’ll create a white labeled credential studio allowing you to demo a use case in minutes. While Trinsic is known for easy-to-use SDKs and a top-tier developer experience, we consistently heard […]

Getting Essential Workers Back to Work with SSI

A Collaboration Between Trinsic and the Government of British Columbia Note: This is a demonstration intended to show the participant an example scenario involving theoretical government web services, a theoretical medical lab, and a theoretical long-term care facility. This demo was done at the Internet Identity Workshop #30 to show interoperability between two codebases, and […]