Licensing & certifications

Digital licenses that you can confidently attach your brand to

It shouldn’t be hard for people to prove their education, licensing, and certification credentials to future employers, schools, and the like, but unfortunately, it still is. Trinsic makes it easy with verifiable credentials.

The problem

Education, licensing, and certification documents are easily forged. Because of that, employers, social networking sites, schools, and more must go through the time-consuming and expensive process of contacting the issuing entity to verify the legitimacy of the documents they receive. This verification process doesn’t work at scale and slows down what should be seamless business operations.

The solution

With Trinsic, your ecosystem can rely on digital documents instead of paper-based ones that can’t be forged and are instantly verifiable. Gone are the days where the relying party has to contact the issuing party to know whether or not the digital credential is legitimate. Additionally, people have more control and access to their credentials when they need them.


“The Yoma platform, supported by UNICEF, has implemented verifiable credentials to help ~15,000 youth in Africa build up their digital CV and associated skills to be matched against potential employment opportunities. The Trinsic platform made it possible to launch and scale it quickly while ensuring interoperability.”

—Lohan Spies, CTO, Yoma


The Trinsic advantage


Trinsic's technology is powered by standards, meaning you'll be interoperable with solutions developed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Workday, and more.

Safety and control

Ensure sensitive data is never shared with fraudulent or coercive relying parties.

Seamless integrations

We're dedicated to providing the simplest APIs & the clearest documentation. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to integrate.

Privacy by design

Data is never shared without the consent of the individual. Advanced privacy techniques make tracking and surveillance extremely difficult.

How it works

Let’s chat about your own use case!