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Introducing Trinsic Ecosystems

The ultimate SSI solution with interoperable technology, ecosystem governance, and adoption tools

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Riley Hughes

Riley is the co-founder and CEO at Trinsic. For the past several years, he has been a leader in the self-sovereign identity community, having been the second employee hired at the Sovrin Foundation, where he helped kickstart the Business of SSI Task Force and SSI Incubator. Along with his co-founders, he started Trinsic to make implementing decentralized identity easy for developers and is now working with many organizations around the world to bring SSI-based solutions to market.


Michael Boyd

Michael is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Trinsic. Before Trinsic, he was the first developer hired at the Sovrin Foundation and worked on building the first python reference agent for Hyperledger Indy, which evolved into what is now ACA-Py. Michael is passionate about building software that makes the world and its useful services more accessible for everyone.


Tomislav Markovski

Tomislav is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Trinsic. He is also the architect and main contributor to Aries Framework .NET. With his 15 years of experience of building software at Fortune 500 companies, Tomislav has become a respected leader among the decentralized identity community in the last couple of years, having actively contributed to SSI-related open source projects and tools.

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What we'll cover

We are excited to announce the launch of Trinsic Ecosystems—our enterprise-grade product for building Trust over IP ecosystems. Coined a “trust ecosystem in a box”, Trinsic Ecosystems is the only product that combines the technology and governance into a single solution to scale a verifiable credential ecosystem. Over the last year, we’ve worked hands-on with a set of customers who are using Trinsic Ecosystems and have collectively achieved adoption of over 100,000 end-users. Now, we’re offering Trinsic Ecosystems to select additional customers as capacity allows. In our upcoming webinar, Trinsic’s co-founders will demo Trinsic Ecosystems, discuss its unique features, and answer audience questions. Come see what the future of decentralized identity looks like!

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Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Time: 12 PM – 1 PM ET

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