Government documents

Safe digital credentials that citizens will actually use

It’s 2021 and most government-related cards, like IDs and driver’s licenses, are paper-based. That all changes with verifiable credentials.

The problem

There are good reasons why, despite all the technological advancement that is commonplace in 2021, most of the world has no digital government ID or other important certificates. Overcoming privacy, security, and interoperability concerns are challenging. But without truly digital credentials, citizens are left taking pictures of important documents to prove their identity online, which is unsafe and inconvenient. Different systems don’t work together, and millions of hours are wasted on paper-based processes.

The solution

Verifiable credentials offer a tamper-proof, privacy-first, interoperable solution for digital government documents, such as driver’s licenses, passports, business licenses, etc. Traditional issuers of documents can save time and money by going digital, while empowering citizens with a digital identity backed by a trusted institution. With Trinsic, you can protect citizens from phishing by restricting with whom and how data is shared. Others in your ecosystem, like other departments or partners, can easily authorize people based on the credentials you issue.


“We look forward to continue to pilot the use of blockchain with Trinsic for the benefit of the business community in Los Angeles and beyond as we prepare for the future.”

—Joyce Jinde Edson, Executive Officer - Deputy CIO, City of Los Angeles


The Trinsic advantage


Trinsic's technology is powered by standards, meaning you'll be interoperable with solutions developed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Workday, and more.

Safety and control

Ensure sensitive data is never shared with fraudulent or coercive relying parties.

Seamless integrations

We're dedicated to providing the simplest APIs & the clearest documentation. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to integrate.

Privacy by design

Data is never shared without the consent of the individual. Advanced privacy techniques make tracking and surveillance extremely difficult.

How it works

Let’s chat about your own use case!