We seek to empower the teams that seek to empower people.

Trinsic is the best platform to help you implement decentralized identity in any industry using verifiable credentials and other interoperable protocols. 

We partner closely with innovative companies in all industries to help them utilize self-sovereign identity to its full potential.

We're in the business of helping our partners succeed. Here's how.


As a full-stack self-sovereign identity provider, we have all the tools you’ll need to accomplish your goals. We take time to deeply understand your business and apply the best products to ensure your success.


Our team has decades of experience architecting cloud, mobile, and web applications for Fortune 500 companies. We have unique experience understanding best practices for integrating self-sovereign identity solutions and will apply them to your situation.


We build the integrations required to implement self-sovereign identity at scale in your business using your existing systems.

Expert Services

Our team selectively engages more closely where our unique expertise adds extra value. If you have a project that requires something we don’t offer, includes a uniquely challenging use case, or isn't possible with the current tech, reach out.

Develop enterprise applications 4x faster using Trinsic.

Your developers are one of your organization’s most important assets. Ensuring their productivity is your top priority, and our offering was built from the ground up to please developers.  

Assess return on investment

We work with your teams to identify the best approach for your business to respond to the opportunity that self-sovereign identity faces and the impact it will have on your bottom line.

Incremental roll-out

Whether you want to go straight to production or first roll out demos, proofs of concept, and pilots, we can help you at each step of the way. Proving the value of the technology is our specialty.

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