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We’re working hard to empower builders with the best tools on earth. You can trust us to always take care of the complexity so you can ship killer software fast. 

Over 1,000 developers from public companies, their parents’ basements, and everywhere in between love Trinsic.

There’s a reason Trinsic is the fastest growing company in the SSI space.

It’s because nobody built with developers in mind until Trinsic. If you’ve tried to use open source reference agents or other vendors’ SSI products, you know what we mean. Our users report building their use case 4x faster with Trinsic compared to the next-best alternative. Learn how:

Minimize breaking changes

Trinsic hides the complexity of low-level protocols under an API abstraction, so your application doesn’t break as those protocols evolve. That way, your full-time job can be writing cool code – not keeping up-to-date with ever-changing dependencies and maintaining your app accordingly.

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Trinsic has three highly available, highly scalable, turnkey APIs that you can integrate for free.

Credentials API

Programmatically issue, verify, manage, and exchange verifiable credentials. Read and write from any Indy-based identity network, including Sovrin. Built with feedback from scores of developers, we’re confident it’s the easiest way to get started with self-sovereign identity.

Wallet API

Create cloud wallets for your users, organizations, or IOT devices. Build a workflow, end-to-end applications, or automated tests. Manage wallets on their behalf for any guardianship, delegation, or custodianship scenario.

Provider API

Provide SSI services to your customers by programmatically creating and managing hundreds of credential issuers and verifiers.

Security top of mind

Trinsic uses best practices for cloud security, including enterprise-grade key management. We’re happy to talk about our architecture or security – reach out any time. 

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