Paper is easily forged and digital solutions either marginalize people or compromise privacy

The world needs a better way to manage COVID-19. Trinsic’s platform provides organizations with a way to issue and verify the authenticity of COVID-19 test results and vaccination records while leveraging the benefits of technology without the harmful side-affects.

The problem

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, airlines, hospitals, care facilities, and more are requiring proof of recent test results or vaccinations. However paper documents are easily forged, rendering them basically useless. Many digital solutions exclude already marginalized populations and/or compromise privacy.

The solution

Tamperproof digital credentials containing test results or vaccination records allow individuals to share health information without compromising privacy. Trinsic’s tech is embeddable by default, so you can add these capabilities into your own app or allow patients to access their credentials via the web or even SMS for people without smart phones. By sharing who has been vaccinated or recently tested, the world can feel confident reopening again.


“Trinsic has been our partner in establishing an ecosystem where doctors, patients, and businesses can share trusted medical information. Privacy and patient consent are at the center of the solution, and Trinsic’s platform has been key to making this happen.”

—Tony Rose, CEO, MedCreds built by Proof Market


The Trinsic advantage


Trinsic's technology is powered by standards, meaning you'll be interoperable with solutions developed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Workday, and more.

Safety and control

Ensure sensitive health data is never shared with fraudulent or coercive relying parties.

Seamless integrations

We're dedicated to providing the simplest APIs & the clearest documentation. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to integrate.

Privacy by design

Data is never shared without the consent of the individual. Advanced privacy techniques make tracking and surveillance extremely difficult.

How it works

Let’s chat about your own use case!