We are making the world more accessible by empowering people with a digital identity that’s as legitimate as their real-world identity.

Our story

“I transferred how much money out of my savings?!”


Trinsic started when our CTO Tomislav Markovski wanted to move from Jersey City into downtown Manhattan. The rental application required several forms of ID, bank statements, employment records, and even investment statements.


Tomislav got a call from his bank a few days later. They were calling to confirm that he indeed wanted to empty his checking account. Wait… what? Tomislav didn’t attempt to drain his account. So who did?


On the internet, all you need to take control of someone’s digital life, including their finances, healthcare data, and more is to know a few things about them. Things like SSN, date of birth, and account numbers are a proxy for our identity, so anyone who knows these things (or bought them on the dark web) can impersonate you. 


Luckily, Tomislav was able to stop the fraud. But it begs the question: why are we living in this day and age, but we still use paper documents, username/password systems, and third-party verifications to prove our identities online? 

Our Company

Trinsic’s mission is to make the world more accessible to people everywhere. A safe, trusted, verified, private identity is an enabler to people everywhere. Self-sovereign identity represents a shift in the way people handle their identity, authentication, and data. It will have a far-reaching impact on how we live our lives. And we’re excited to speak with anyone who wants to help make that vision a reality. 

Our Values

The Trinsic value system begins with accessibility, transparency, and authenticity. See how we live up to that.

Open Source

We are avid contributors to open source projects that advance human dignity online. Our largest contribution is the development of the Hyperledger Aries codebase in .NET, housed at the Linux Foundation. In total, we’ve contributed tens of thousands of lines of code. 

Open Standards

In addition to building on open standards such as the W3C DID and Verifiable Credential standards, we are committed to always maintaining our offerings’ compatibility with the most recent community interoperability protocols. 

Open Networks

We are believers in open networks which is why we support the Sovrin Network, the world’s first public utility for decentralized identity. We also integrate easily with any other Hyperledger Indy networks and plan to add support for other protocols as they mature. 

Open Vendors

Vendor lock-in restricts choice for individuals and businesses which results in harmful power asymmetries. With Trinsic, your identity is always portable – so if another company fits your needs better than we can, you can switch to them. 

Our team

We’re passionate decentralized identity experts with extensive experience building scalable applications and systems.

Riley Hughes, CEO

As the second employee hired at the Sovrin Foundation where he led strategy and business development, Riley has seen the self-sovereign identity landscape evolve since its infancy. 

Michael Boyd, CPO

Coming from multiple startup ventures, Michael was the first software engineer at the Sovrin Foundation, where he was a primary contributor to the initial Hyperledger Indy-agent code, which later became Hyperledger Aries. 

Tomislav Markovski, CTO

As a full-stack application and cloud developer for over 15 years, Tomislav has architected and developed countless scalable systems for Fortune 500 companies. After experiencing the difficulties of building decentralized identity applications, he built the AgentFramework, an abstraction on top of Indy that is now a part of the Hyperledger Aries project. 

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